Total Tank Simulator

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a game by Noobz from Poland
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.1/10 - 15 votes
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Total Tank Simulator
Total Tank Simulator
Total Tank Simulator

While it may have simulator in the name, Total Tank Simulator is one of the most action packed and fun strategy/sim games that I have had the pleasure to play in a very long time. You may think that as this has tank in the name that is all it is about, well that is not the case at all as this game offers ground, air, and tank battles as you try to turn the tide of war in your favor.

World War II, But Different

When you see images or watch gameplay footage of Total Tank Simulator you will probably be shocked to hear that the game is actually set during World War II. You can play as one of many different nations and each nation has its own story and reasons for being in the war. You get to try and retell history which I think is always cool. The visuals of the game are unlike any other game set in World War II that I have seen. Instead of going for a very realistic look such as a game in the Call of Duty series would, this game is bright, colorful, and very unique. The game has a lot of variety to it as well in that there are snow maps, grass maps, and so on.

Use Your Money Wisely

I had an absolute blast playing through the campaign of Total Tank Simulator. The way this works is that you have a limited amount of money as you start, but as you progress you get more and more, and then you can really grow your army. You need to pick what units you use very wisely, but there is a great selection of units. Bases will be on maps and if you can take control of these bases, you have a great advantage as they give you awesome stuff like vehicles.

The game also has a skill tree. There are three skill trees in the game and you have one for your areal, infantry, and ground troops. The skill tree is very easy to make use of and this is something I am very thankful for. Speaking of thankful for, each nation has its own generals and these can give you some great advantages as you fight! While I loved the campaign, I had even more fun messing around in the sandbox mode!

More Than Just Mindless Killing

One of the ways that this game keeps you interested is with the objectives. The game gives you many different things to do and no two missions are ever exactly the same one after the other. For example, one mission may have you taking care of someone special and making sure they stay alive. Another might have you needing to take out a certain number of enemy soldiers.

One way that Total Tank Simulator stands out from the rest of the games in this genre is that you do not just place your units on the battlefield. You can actually jump in and take control of any NPC that you want. This means you can take control of a soldier and play the game as a first-person shooter; you can take control of a tank to do some heavy damage and you can even take control of a plane to take charge of an areal assault. This makes the game far more exciting than most other strategy style games I have played recently that is for sure.


Overall, I think that Total Tank Simulator is a truly fantastic game. The campaign alone is a great deal of fun and something I can see myself playing through many different times. I like the way you can jump in and take direct control of the action as it makes things far more fun. Fun is the best way to describe this game, yes there is some strategy at play here, but I get the impression that the people who made this game were more concerned with the player having a fun time than everything being ultra-realistic.


  • The game lets you take direct control of anyone you want
  • An impressive number of units to make use of
  • I liked how easy to understand the skill tree was
  • Generals are awesome in how they have special abilities
  • The presentation is fun and impressive


  • You do need a fairly decent PC to get this running smoothly
  • I sucked big time at using the planes!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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