Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Commander

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a game by Crazy House
Platform: PC
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 4 votes
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Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Commander
Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Commander
Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Commander
Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Commander

Sit Down. This game is serious. It's a full-blown tank sim that's so earnest, even abbreviating the word simulation seems inappropriately playful. You two! Stop enjoying yourself, or I'll stop the tank and you can ruddy walk to the Serb Base.

You're in control of the four soldiers in your tank. If you're driving, you can issue commands to the rest of the team to search for enemies and fire, but friendly Al is lacking. It's much easier to switch to controlling the gunner and load a shell yourself, but when you do that the driver slams the brakes on. It can feel like playing with your hands full of marbles, especially when you're commanding other units as well. That's where it gets hard enough for you to want to alter the realism settings to be a little more forgiving. Without decent Al, real just means hard.

Your tank isn't too robust. After stealthily (for a tank) chugging up a hill towards the enemy, I reached the top and came face to face with the hated foe. There it was, a distant century-old half-breed of Droopy Dawg and a Dalek, glaring at me with a turret that was - seconds later - to completely blow me to shit. And you can forget checkpoints; it's back to the start. Minutes of slow, eventless progress lost.

It's absolutely not a pretty game, and although Iron Warriors does offer substantial interest for the super-realistic tank sim enthusiast, the Al doesn't match up to the ambition. Plus, a little too much enjoyment has been sacrificed to reality.

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