Command & Conquer Red Alert Retaliation

a game by Westwood
Platform: Playstation
Genre: Strategy/War
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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After Red Alert was released on the PC, Westwood expanded and improved on the game for more than a year. The result was the Counterstrike and Aftermath expansion discs. Finally, console players are able to reap the benefits of these addon discs with Red Alert Retaliation, a title that wraps everything into one tidy game.

Red Alert veterans will immediately notice very few changes between this and the original, but they will find plenty of added depth, such as tons of new missions. Instead of breaking them down between the old PC expansion discs, they have been regrouped into separate campaigns. You'll find that these missions are quite a bit more challenging than those found in the original Red Alert, partly because of the game's new units.

New units? Yes--and many of them. The Soviets have developed the lightning-emitting Tesla Tanks and Shock Troopers, added Nuclear Submarines (they can attack land now), and also have Demolition Trucks and M.A.D. tanks that level buildings wholesale. The Allies counter with teleport-capable Chronotanks, Demolition Trucks, and improved defensive capabilities. Suffice to say, it does a lot to change the way the game plays. But, if you want to know if the changes are for the better, however, you'll have to wait for our forthcom-ing review.

  • MANUFACTURER - Westwood Studios
  • THEME - Strategy
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

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Game Reviews

People say:


Originally designed as a PC add-on disc (called Aftermath), Red Alert: Retaliation has been substantially reworked to stand on its own as a sequel to the best real-time strategy game on the PlayStation. Retaliation offers 34 completely new (and more difficult) missions, 100 new multiplayer maps, and a ton of new units to make it play somewhat differently from the previous Red Alert game. The new units are quite welcome and add some depth to gameplay, but they don't present anything that we haven't seen before in one form or another. For example, there are Testa Tanks that simply shoot Tesla bursts from their turrets instead. Of shells and Shock Troopers that shoot the same bursts instead of bullets. Suffice to say, if you're looking for all-new and fancy units, you might be a bit disappointed. Graphically, the game is identical to the original, but at least there are 16 new techno-tunes to wage war by. As you can see, there are a lot of additions, but just as many things that are the same. Because of this, my recommendation for this game is two-fold. If you don't have Red Alert or do and are a diehard fan, it's a good idea to buy Retaliation. But otherwise, it's probably a much better idea to rent it and try out some of the new levels to see if it's realty worth buying what is essentially the same game twice.


If C&C: Red Alert only served to whet your appetite, then prepare for a full-course meal. Retaliation is a great package for any realtime strategy fan. This two-disc set has tons of missions, lots of new units and more maps (for Skirmish and 2P Link Modes) than you'll ever need--over 100! The intuitive controls take no time getting used to, although on larger maps, it gets really tough trying to coordinate everything properly.


If you're a fan of the previous two PlayStation C&C games, then Retaliation is a must-buy. And that's appropriate, seeing as how this game's intense difficulty is geared toward C&C veterans. The new units, more puzzle-like missions and secret scenarios (Egad! Giant ants!) make this more than just a glorified mission pack (well, it's actually two PC mission packs). But best of all are the Multiplayer Battle and Co-op Modes.


I'm a big fan of the C&C series, and yet again Westwood seems to have done the trick. The formula may be getting a little old these days, but for PlayStation strategy gaming this is still one of the best series. Retaliation is tougher than previous C&Cs, but there's enough new stuff to keep you interested. The new units are basically old RA units stuck together, i.e., Tesla + Tank = Tesla Tank, but it still makes for an exciting game.

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