Day of Defeat

a game by Activision
Platform: PC
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Not too long ago, there was this little game called Half-Life that revolutionized first-person shooters. Shortly after its release, an online modifier called Counter-Strike further revolutionized online shooters ' so much so that to this day, it's almost impossible to go into internet cafes without seeing a kiosk setup for Counter-Strike. In a similar vein comes Day of Defeat, another popular Half-Life mod that's hit the big time.

Multiplayer modes are tacked onto just about every shooter these days, but those games don't come together quite as well as DoD. Maps are, for the most part, well done. Instead of big open fields like in Battlefield 1942, maps are tight and constricted. Since maps are narrow, taking cover behind the many objects scattered throughout is absolutely necessary, especially since there are plenty of vantage points for snipers. Gamers running around in open fire Rambo-style will surely be mowed down in a heartbeat, but teams that work together and actually think about how they approach things will undoubtedly succeed. Needless to say, DoD is more methodical than most FPSs and that's what makes it such a satisfying experience. Games with an emphasis on fast-paced action are a lot of fun, no doubt, but it takes a game like DoD with its thoughtful approach towards online shooters, to really make an impression.

DoD is based off a tweaked Half-Life engine that was considered advanced a short time ago, but is noticeably outdated now. To exemplify, think of your favorite shooter from the late 1990's era. Remember the fragging goodness of Quake, the revolutionary Half-Life'then remember the blocky and simplistic environments, the blurry and pixilated textures, and the unrealistic effects. That's DoD in a nutshell. That's not to say everything looks bad, but it pales in comparison to current shooters. Regardless, Day of Defeat still does a nice job of creating a believable World War II environment, as there's plenty of detail in maps. Additionally, since DoD doesn't exactly push modern rigs to the limit, it can run on older machines just fine.

Another of DoD's strong points is the audio. Not only does it further immerse you into the WWII setting, but it's also integral to teamwork. Possibly the main draw is the availability of voice communication which allows on-the-fly communication. And on top of that, there are several hot key commands/warnings that can be issued to teammates. All of the commands are done with realistic, accent-filled voices for each respective team, further lending to the WWII setting.

While DoD is a solid package all around, it's still hard to confidently recommend. Those with Half-Life and the time to download all of the mod files can essentially have DoD for free. Granted, there are a few additions in the retail version, but nothing that's worth thirty bucks. However, for those without Half-Life or the motivation to download the hefty mod files, Day of Defeat is a worthwhile contender for your time.

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