Defenders of Oasis

a game by Sega
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platforms: Sega Master SystemSega Master System, GameGear
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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Defenders of Oasis
Defenders of Oasis
Defenders of Oasis
Defenders of Oasis

Finally, a fantasy role-playing', game (FRPG) for the Game Gear that's truly out of this world! Similar in look and feel to the popular Phantasy Star series, Defenders of Oasis does a fair job of supplying everything you'd expect from a good FRPG.

Trouble in Paradise

When the King of Shanadar learns that the evil empire of Eflaat is scheming to attack his peaceful kingdom, he sends his son - that's you, the Prince - and your band of hearty adventurers to face the sinful Ahriman and his army of otherworldly monsters. Combat, new kingdoms, and a magic Genie all lie ahead for your fearsome foursome.

Considering it's only a four-meg cart, Defenders of Oasis has surprising detail. For instance, there are 18 Magic Spells to choose and over 30 items waiting to be bought, found, or worn. You have many options in battle, too.

You can Run, Fight, Parry, or use a special item, such as the Barbado that puts some attackers to sleep. The game requires many hours of game play, but fortunately there are unlimited continues and a battery backup to help you along.

Fightin'Sights and Sounds

Fighting, exploring, collecting, and talking to characters you meet along the way make up most of the action, which is viewed from an -overhead 3D perspective. Encounters with bad guys, which occur often, change the game's view to first-person. After a while, the sword play gets a little tedious, since all you see during combat is your inanimate enemy flashing white whenever you score a strike. Overall, though, Defenders of Oasis' graphics are finely detailed, superbly drawn, and practically as good as those found on the Genesis.

The music is provided by the repetitive fantasy flute, common to FRPGs. You won't miss much if you decide to turn the volume down.

Set Your Sights High

What matters most in this game is building your party's power and defense by winning battles - lots of them! Thankfully, the controls are straightforward and easy to master. However, count on spending twenty or more hours working your way through this challenging cart before you're fit for the final showdown with Ahriman.

Dedicated FRPG players searching for a quest to take them away (and to take with them) will revel in this banner cart. It's a fantasy Oasis from its beginning to its final fiery confrontation.

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