East Front 2

a game by TalonSoft
Platform: PC
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East Front 2
East Front 2
East Front 2
East Front 2

Eastern Front II is the latest - and the best - in the evolutionary line-up of Talonsoft's tactical WWII wargame series. An updated and expanded version of the super-realistic original Eastern Front, it features all the rule, unit and terrain improvements that appeared in the follow-up game Western Front, as well as revised versions of all the extra scenarios, minor nationalities and campaigns from the Eastern Front expansion CD Mission Pack 1.

But before you dismiss it as simple repackaging, be aware that Eastern Front II contains another 50 all-new scenarios and four more full campaigns, making a staggering 148 scenarios and 19 campaigns in all. More importantly, perhaps, there are new multiplayer capabilities so that up to eight players per side can battle it out over the Internet or a LAN, and some revitalising rule changes that really boost the game's flavour.

Some of the best changes include the ability to set up opportunity fire ranges for individual units, rather than unit types; the introduction of command posts to bring in low-level leadership; the inclusion of boats, barges, paradrops and glider-borne reinforcements in the major combatants' orders of battle; and experimental armoured units like the German Maus, Jagdtiger and Soviet lend-lease equipment. Graphics have been tweaked considerably, and vehicles now sport different camouflage patterns depending on the stage of the war. New terrain types appear too, such as beach, shallow water, stone walls and high walls, plus new contoured hexside graphics, and improved graphics for paths and railroads. Oh, and there's a new, much-needed option to speed up the human player's unit animations as well as the computer player's.

The scenario and map editors remain as functional as ever, and while Eastern Front II uses a slightly different file format, you can still load and play custom scenarios created with the original game.

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