F1 2000

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Platform: PC (2000)
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F1 2000
F1 2000
F1 2000

With the world eagerly awaiting the arrival V MAM of Geoff Crammond's F1 Grand Prix 3, EA are planning to release their own Formula I Association endorsed sim, F1 2000. Due out at the end of March, to coincide with the start of the new Grand Prix season, the game will include all the teams, drivers and tracks from the impending 2000 championship, I making it the most up-to-date of the three 'official' Formula I sims coming out this year, the other being the Joint Ubi Soft/VSC game F1 World Grand Prix.

Boasting photo-realistic graphics, F12000 claims to have the most accurate reproduction of F1 car handling, ever. To add gloss to the package, TV presenter Jim Rosenthal will do his usual pre-race introductions. However, EA have decided against in-game commentary, concentrating instead on pit communications, which will relay problems and positions directly into your car.

Along with the usual features, such as car set up and driver aids, it will include what EA are calling '3D' physics, enabling cars to roll realistically in every direction imaginable. The whole experience will be recreated down to the smallest detail - including effects such as smoke and dust.

It's a risky time for anyone, even EA with their proven record in sport sims, to release an F1 game. Everyone is waiting for what is promising to be another masterpiece from Geoff Crammond, and if F1 2000 is going to compete, it's going to have to be more like Grand Prix racing than Grand Prix racing. In other words, its chances of bettering F1GP3 are about as likely as Tora Takagi winning the World Driver's Championship. Which could happen.

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