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Sega Genesis
Pilot the Advanced Tactical Fighter F-22 Interceptor in over 100 different missions spanning four combat zones: Iraq, Korea, Russia, and the United States.

Eagle One Harrier Attack

Although it may sound like a flight sim, Eagle One: Harrier Attack is nothing of the sort.

Aero Fighters 3

Aero Fighters 3 is a tired shooter. The graphics are dismal and bland.

Apache Havoc

Welcome, loyal readers, to the review of Apache Havoc. If that opening didn't get your heart racing, then head straight to the hospital to have your pulse checked.

Geist Force

The game Geist Force certainly helped to inspire a "spirit" of giddy optimism for Sega when it was unveiled in the summer '98.

Sky Gunner

The only new PS2 title from Sony CEI shown at Tokyo Game Show this year that we hadn't heard of before was Sky Gunner.

Airforce Delta

Konami's Game Boy Color version of Airforce Delta attempts to re-create the slick air combat of its Dreamcast big brother.

Black Dawn

There's a Black Dawn on the horizon if gamers are ready for 28 missions filled with helicopter combat.

DropShip United Peace Force

The intro movie reminded me a bit of Starship Troopers, where they attempt to hook new recruits to join the service.


Mankind has grown dependent on the Override mainframe, which was designed to handle the increasing complexity of the world net called the l-WAY.


Five minutes out of the box I was mid-air over Bosnia getting a lock on a MIG.

Falcom Classics

The Japanese Saturn RPGs just keep coming!

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft's Flight Simulator X is the 10th and latest version of the venerable entertainment title, one that played such a significant part in the history of the microcomputers and PCs.

Pro Pilot

Why is it that Microsoft always has direct competition to claim the title of a definitive application?



With our hosts Kate Maxwell and Jimmy 'Hell Catz' Jackson commentating, we're once again thrust into competition where destruction is rewarded and encouraged.

Joint Strike Fighter

In the ever-growing world of combat sims, games now live and die by their graphics, realism and originality.

Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies

It started innocently enough as a technology that saved the planet, originally designed to destroy an onslaught of asteroids from space.


After an opening video showing real-life USAF action that will make those little hairs on the back of your neck stand up, you are presented with a straightforward menu where you can easily navigate to the option you want.

Crimson Skies

Nathan Zachary, gentleman air pirate and leader of the Fortune Hunters, is back at it again.

Eurofighter Typhoon

As DID's long line of award-winning military flight sims portended a promising future, the company began toying with the idea of developing a purely fun military game.

Plane Crazy

Have an unhealthy addiction to speed? Looking to be the fastest speed freak in the skies? Obsessed with constantly beating your previous records? Like nifty explosions?

Pro Pilot '99

Pro Pilot '99 allows you to fly the Cessna Skyhawk 172P and the newer 172R models; the Beechcraft Bonanza V35.

Super Airwolf

Super Airwolf is a pretty cool hybrid shooter/action game. It combines a vertical shooter with a vertical scrolling action game. Also known as Crossfire.
Sega Genesis

Fighter Ace

Darwinism has truly reached the gaming community, and now only the strong will survive.

Pilotwings 64

Forget about those other flying games. This is the ultimate flight experience! Pilotwings 64 carries you off into a vast three-dimensional environment. Pilot several different vehicles and take in breathtaking sights! Successfully complete flight t..
Nintendo 64

Macross VF-x 2

There hasn't been a stellar Macross game... ever.


Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of free falling 125 mph or faster? Have you ever wanted to jump out of a perfectly good airplane just to see if that piece of cloth strapped to your back would open?

iF/A-18E Carrier Strike Fighter

It's not unusual for game designers to build a simulation engine that will yield multiple products over a few months or even a few years of time.

F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom

With the war in Iraqi winding down and the peace keeping mission under way, armchair pilots are finally getting a chance to see what our pilots were up against in the Persian Gulf.

Bravo Air Race

Racing has taken on a new meaning in T*HQ's Bravo Air Race.

Agile Warrior: F-111X

With the PlayStation's vast abilities being shown with every new CD, it was only a matter of time before a barrage of flight sims was to hit the system.

767 Pilot In Command

But for those who need even more Wilco Publishing has stepped forward to provide it.

Carrier Aces

Carrier Aces is a good flying simlator