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a game by Boundless Dynamics, LLC
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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If you have ever wanted to know what it feels like to fly a fighter jet then there is no better place to experience it firsthand than through VR technology—and, more precisely, with VTOL VR. Designed as a near-futuristic flight simulator VTOL VR immerses the player in the cockpit of multiple aircrafts as they monitor a detailed dashboard of avionic systems to take-off, land, fly bombing missions or just learn in detail what it really takes to fly something this technologically advanced.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The creators of VTOL VR know that not everyone has ‘flying a fighter jet’ in their casual catalogue of knowledge—but they also aren’t afraid to teach you just that. Where many flight simulators like DCS VR make an assumption of the inherent ability of the player, VTOL VR takes a more relaxed approach.

First and foremost, it starts out with a VTOL jet for the player to fly—or Vertical Take Off and Landing vehicle. Just being able to lift off and land like a drone makes life a little easier as you wrap your mind around the more complex systems implemented. That being said, the game offers difficulty modes that range from casual to simulation-veteran—and they encourage learning so that everyone playing can learn as they go, without feeling overwhelmed.

The Magic of VR

In the last few years that VR has made its way in to the mainstream it has fundamentally changed how games for the medium are designed. What is perhaps most interesting about VR is that more mundane tasks are exciting when you’re able to engage with it virtually. What I mean by that is if you play any first-person shooter, reloading is something done automatically, or with a button press—it takes no effort and most times we’re impatient if it takes too long. Conversely, a system as seemingly simple as reloading in VR offers up a whole slew of gameplay possibilities—something that Half-Life: Alyx took full advantage of. In that sense, the magic of VR design comes from the immersion of movements often overlooked. And, taking that in to account, VTOL VR makes the player feel like they’re in a cockpit. With their left hand they pull the throttle, with their right they turn radio knobs, drop landing-gears, raise flaps, or make minute adjustments. Everything seemingly mundane to another simulator is suddenly exciting. And, when all the effects are there, designed to make the player feel it—it’s truly an immersive experience.


Where some other simulators on the market might beat it out graphically like Microsoft Flight Simulator or DCS VR, VTOL VR more than makes up for its graphical shortcomings by focusing on what truly matters in a VR game—player immersion. Where DCS VR gives players a VR experience, it doesn’t allow player interaction.

You’re in VR, but you might as well be clicking dials with a mouse like any other simulator. But with VTOL VRS’s refined controls, great handling and in-game feedback as well as camera-work—it is consistently exciting to play as video game, and to learn from as a simulator.


With wonderfully detailed interiors of vehicles, mod support through Steam Workshop, and a collection of amazing modes including cooperative—it’s currently the most exciting VR flight simulator on the market—because that’s exactly what it was designed to be.


  • Amazing VR capabilities
  • Immersion through avionics designed for VR googles
  • Great collection of modes and levels
  • Mod support


  • Limited to only 3 vehicles
  • Graphically not up to current standards

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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