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Sega Genesis
After Burner 2 is an arcade-style flight game, where you fly a F-14 Tomcat jet fighter, gunning down enemies while avoiding incoming fire

Pilotwings 64

Forget about those other flying games. This is the ultimate flight experience! Pilotwings 64 carries you off into a vast three-dimensional environment. Pilot several different vehicles and take in breathtaking sights! Successfully complete flight t..
Nintendo 64

Geist Force

The game Geist Force certainly helped to inspire a "spirit" of giddy optimism for Sega when it was unveiled in the summer '98.

Airport 2000 Volume 3

The latest edition includes seven new airports, three new aircraft and 10 adventures with two levels of play.

Fighter Ace

Darwinism has truly reached the gaming community, and now only the strong will survive.

Thunderstrike: Operation Phoenix

After a series of intense and destructive terrorist strikes occurred concurrently across the globe, a new and powerful agency has been formed.

Nations WWII Fighter Command

The main menu offers the usual options such as Campaign, Multiplayer, Instant Action, Training, etc.


Five minutes out of the box I was mid-air over Bosnia getting a lock on a MIG.

Concorde Professional

However, it does offer a highly authentic experience down to the smallest detail.


With all the flight simulators on the market, it's a challenge for a consumer to figure out which is the best game to buy.

Air Warrior III

Long-time online pilots should all be aware of the history of Kesmai's Air Warrior series.

Apache Havoc

Welcome, loyal readers, to the review of Apache Havoc. If that opening didn't get your heart racing, then head straight to the hospital to have your pulse checked.


It has been a generation since the Quake of '98, when in the blink of an eye, most of Old Tokyo was reduced to smoldering rubble.

Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies

It started innocently enough as a technology that saved the planet, originally designed to destroy an onslaught of asteroids from space.

City Crisis

Twenty years later, I can count the number of quality chopper titles on one hand.