Chuck Yeager's Air Combat

Download Chuck Yeager's Air Combat and take to the skies in thrilling aerial battles! Master your aircraft, engage in intense dogfights, and become an ace pilot under the guidance of Chuck Yeager himself. Are you ready to rule the skies? Play now!
a game by Electronic Arts
Platform: PC (1991)
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Chuck Yeager's Air Combat
Chuck Yeager's Air Combat
Chuck Yeager's Air Combat
Chuck Yeager's Air Combat

There I was, two thousand feet above sea level and the bally Hun coming in from all sides. Messerschmitts to the left, Fockers (giggle) to the right and nothing but a vast empty sea waiting ahead. I wasn't worried though. I simply turned on the afterburner, launched a volley of missiles at my enemies and was up in the stratosphere before they could say 'Gott in Himmel!' Nothing like a fair fight, eh?

That's the great thing about Chuck Yeager's Air Combat: you can finally live out all those 'What if?' fantasies such as 'What if I was flying a Spitfire against a MiG-31?' The other great thing is that it's still one of the best flight sims around and you can now get it for just 15 nicker. Okay, so the planes aren't the sexiest you'll ever find, the graphics aren't the greatest any more and it doesn't have the complexity of Falcon 3.0 or the detailed planning of Tornado, yet it's still amazingly flyable and has a few innovative features that have yet to appear elsewhere. Take the Target Window, for instance, that shows you what your current target is doing, making it easier to follow him; or Chuckie's in-flight advice as he screams at you to slow down before you rip your wings off.

This should be an essential part of any self-respecting flight-sim buffs library - especially at this price. The only thing missing is a two-player link up facility.

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