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The only good helicopter games made for the home console are EA's Strike series. I will stand by that.The fact of the matter is that flight sims--be they plane, helicopter or hot-air ballon--are tedious, plain and simple.

It's not that the games are technically poor. On the contrary, most simulations are marvellous recreations of the real thing. But therein lies the biggest problem: they're realistic. Games like Desert Strike and Afterburner were arcade games that emphasized ease of playability with a lot of pyrotechnics, as opposed to realistic aerial combat. One didn't have to worry about the intricate ins and outs that make up true flying. In real life, there's a painfully large amount of downtime between combat and objectives. Now, while this is OK with real-life pilots, who would like to avoid being shot at, it sucks for those of us who like to fly by the seat of our Lay-Z-Boy. Sims are just plain boring and have no business on the console. Let them stay on the computer where they belong.

Gunship is no different from all other sims, insofar as you're hard-pressed to find anything to do. You spend a painful amount of time just trying to get into the vicinity of the enemy instead of blowing them up. Even worse, when you do blast the bad guys, your only reward is a distinctly sub-par explosion.

You can campaign in two theatres of operations: the Persian Gulf and Central Europe. While Gunship does offer an arcade mode for those not as interested in sims, it still lacks the breakneck intensity that gamers crave.

The game does have the depth for long-term play value, but I'm not sure why you'd want to play this game for long.

I'm sure hardcore fans of flight sims will enjoy Gunship, For those of you reading this, add one or two extra points to the overall score. If you're looking for some action, though, stay away from this title. It just doesn't deliver.


There are a couple of things you're going to need to know in order to succeed in this game. One is to play it from the cockpit view.This allows you immediate access to much more information than you need--like your co-pilot's comments. Another piece of advice is to make sure that you're mentally prepared for some serious tedium. I would recommend some No-Doz to keep you awake.

Graphics - 6

Sound/FX - 7

Gameplay - 5

Rating - 6

Game Reviews

Flight lessons have never been necessary to play console air-combat games. The dogfights and P flight mechanics in these Afterburner-inspired "simulators" have always been more arcade-like than true-to-life.

Gunship, on the other hand, is a different kind of console flight game. From takeoff to landing, the helicopters you control in this port of the PC top-seller act and fight like the real deal-and are nearly as difficult to fly. This high level of realism means that first-time pilots will face a steep learning curve. It also means Gunship is a landmark title for the consoles, since no other game has offered such an accurate simulation of flight combat.

Gunship drops you behind the controls of a hangarful of military helicopters: The Apache and Super Cobra gun-ships, the Defender Scout, the Kiowa Warrior, the Blackhawk transport and the state-of-the-art Comanche gunship.

Once you create a pilot, you can fly a single helicopter in more than 100 training and regular missions. Your flights take you to two of the world's more recent hot spots: The Persian Gulf and Central Europe. You'll skim the terrain of these target-rich regions in varying weather and during both day and night missions.

Early sorties are simple search-and-destroy missions or surgical strikes, and success is rewarded with medals and advances in rank. Reach the rank of Captain and you'll get to fly the Comanche and a more advanced Apache. These copters carry smarter "smart" weapons and lend more brute force to-your battles.

Gunship has a strategic side, also. Once you become a second lieutenant, you can lead as many as five helicopters into battle. While you fly only one copter, you can order the other pilots in your flight to go separate ways and complete their own objectives.

Multihelicopter missions also give you more interesting things to do, such as going on rescue operations or scanning regions with a sensor-equipped Defender Scout.

Your officer ranking also grants access to the game's Campaign Mode, in which you'll lead your team of pilots through a full-blown war. The outcome of this war depends on how successful you are in each mission, so don't screw up and make Saddam Hussein a happy dictator.

True to real life, your helicopters aren't all that easy to fly [although you can choose an option that allows for simple-albeit unrealistic-flight control). Unlike fighter planes, helicopters have separate joysticks for controlling flight direction and altitude, and the PlayStation joypad emulates this complex dual-control system. (Unfortunately, the game isn't compatible with Sony's new dual-control analog flight stick.) The D-pad turns your chopper and guides it forward and backward, while the R1 and R2 buttons are used to change altitude. Using these controls in unison takes some getting used to, but with practice you'll soon be zipping over trees and through valleys like a pro pilot.

Of course, not every gamer wants to deal with all the details of real-life helicopter flight. Fortunately, Gunship offers a Quick Fire game that drops a heavily armed, easy-to-control Apache into the thick of battle. This mode makes for plenty of arcade-style destruction, but it's not what sets the game apart from past flight games.

That fact that you can walk away from Gunship nearly ready to fly a real helicopter is what makes this game stand out Gamers should check it out!

Gamer's Edge

Sure, you can fly six different helicopters in Gunship and load them with lots of different weapons, but you'll only need one helicopter type--the Apache--to accomplish most missions. The Apache is most capable when it's loaded with eight Hellfire and four Stinger missiles. Stingers knock down airborne targets, while Hellfires destroy everything else--and Hellfires will take out targets as far away as six miles. The only downside to Hellfires is that they're laser-guided, so you'll have to keep your Apache--and its laser beam--pointed in the direction of the enemy while the missiles ride the beams to their targets.

You don't want to spend too much time flying high through Gunship's unfriendly skies. The helicopters under your control are slow and noisy, giving the enemy forces plenty of time to shoot you down well before your weapons can touch them. You'll need to keep your chopper low to the ground and follow the terrain. This type of flying--termed nap-of-the-earth flight by the military--lets you use ambush tactics and stealth to pulverize the enemy. When you approach a target, slow to a hover behind an adjacent hill, then pop up from behind the hill and rain rockets down on the opposition. Don't hang in the air too long, though, or you'll end up eating missiles from retaliating enemies. Drop back into hiding again and wait until the smoke dears. Repeat this pop-up tactic until all the enemy formsin range are destroyed.

  • MANUFACTURER - Microproge
  • DIFFICULTY - Moderate
  • THEME - Simulation

Chances are that this game will be coming out rather soon, and if it does, I think you'll like it. You are in control of a heavily armed helicopter. You are the deadliest force in existence. Pilot deep behind enemy lines in such hot spots as the Middle East, and accomplish a wide variety of missions. These will range from seek and destroy, to hostage rescue. Things will definitely heat up once you enter the danger zone.

The opposition has anti-aircraft cannons, attack choppers, and LAW toting infantry. Overall, not a bunch of nice guys. The graphics look top-notch, and the cinemas are done well too. I also like the ability to choose your flight route. A pretty snazzy cartridge.

Take the joystick of the AH-64 Apache military attack helicopter in this upgraded version of the classic flight simulator.

Gunship features the AH-64 Apache helicopter. Your objective is to pilot the chopper through various terrains searching for enemies and completing mission objectives.

Create a pilot, select a duty assignment, and receive your briefing. Before taking off you have the option of changing the helicopter's armaments. After taking off read the map and head for your primary objective. Enemies are spread throughout every mission and come in many forms. Make sure to choose the proper weapons to use against infantry, helicopters, and tanks.

Gunship includes hundreds of missions and pilot promotions. Advance through the ranks and receive a variety of medals.

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    Andy said on Forum:

    I really can not see the point of this game, It tries to be a arcade/simulation game and fails at being one nor the other, The Helicopter is not in you total control you can only move left right up and down in the slightest of movements, I certainly would not recommend this, You'll have more fun with a dog turd on a stick and a bunch of girls nearby!....

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