Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm

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a game by Ubisoft
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 9.5/10 - 4 votes
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Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm
Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm
Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm
Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm

Tom Clancy is without a doubt one of the most successful authors of our time. His tales of politically charged conflicts have captivated millions the world over, and will likely do the same for some time to come. Gamers with no penchant for literature however, likely know Tom Clancy from the series of games bearing his name. With three Tom Clancy games coming out within weeks of each other - Rainbow Six 3 , Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, and the title in review, Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm - one has to wonder if this is all part of some crazy scheme for Tom Clancy to take over the world.

Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm, like just about every other Tom Clancy game, focuses on realistic tactical action. In a word, it's methodical: slow and steady will win the race here. However, despite its pacing, Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm can still be an engaging experience due largely to the fact that it feels so realistic. You'll have to plan things out, issue commands to your team members, and take careful aim at your opponents to complete missions. It won't be for everybody, but for those who like some tactics mixed in with their action, Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm will be the perfect fit.

However, the real value in Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm can be found online since the single player game is relatively short. There are several deathmatch-like modes, but the straight up shooting action doesn't complement the game's slow pace too well. Instead, the real fun lies in the co-op modes since success will rely on both teamwork and communication. However, that's not to say its perfect; there are quite a few bugs online and the voice chat, which is pretty essential in team-based games, has to be unlocked via a cheat code.

While Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm provides an involved experience, the visuals don't help make it too immersive. It can all be summed up in one word: bland. Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm looks extremely unexciting, and that's not just because it's set in the jungle - after all, Farcry (which is published by Ubi Soft no less) features some lush and beautiful jungle scenery. No, Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm doesn't look too appealing because of the bland textures and sparsely detailed environments that make each level look very much like the last. That said, the visuals don't hinder the game much in way of playability because the framerates are solid and there's little fog, but after seeing the 100th barren jungle landscape, you'll wish the developers would've done a bit more. On the other hand, the sound in Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm works well, music especially; the cinematic-like score kicks in at just the right time to boost up the tension level and get your heart racing.

In just about every way, Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm is more of the same: more missions, more multiplayer options, more maps. It'll satiate the demands of Ghost Recon fans just fine, but all that 'more' stuff might not be enough to draw in anyone new.

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Playstation 2

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The year is 2009, and, according to Tom Clancys latest infantry combat sim, theres trouble in Colombia. By now you know the drill: You're in charge of two three-soldier squads, and you can outfit each group as you see fit. Prefer to play it safe? Snoop around with a sniper before devising a plan of approach. And if you like your business risky, you can always just set the jungle ablaze with the big guns. Issuing commands is easy, provided you have a USB headset on hand (the controller setup sports shortcuts, but you cant truly fine-tune the procedures without pausing). Alongside online modes that are as abundant as they are mediocre (be sure to bring a tent and can of beans to these campouts), strategy is among Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm's few saving graces. War might be ugly, but good God, this looks like sin. Every level is an angular wasteland where Turok might very well have tracked dinosaurs in the Jurassic era of 3D gaming. Add to this a lack of visible weapons, soldiers who seem to be wearing cement boots, and alarmingly stupid A.I., and youll see why I wish Id dodged this draft.


On paper, Jungle tiij Storm is a steely-eyed SOCOM killer, reporting for duty with more single-player missions, a flexible squad-control interface, and a greater variety of online modes. But then you play it and aaiiieee! is it ever ugly. The blah environments and goofy animation do little to draw you into whats supposed to be a realistic combat experience. Spotty A.I. and clunky controls make it even harder to maintain gung-ho enthusiasm. The co-op multiplayer modes (standard deathmatch is dull) rescue Jungle Storm from a dishonorable discharge. Just dont expect SOCOM lls atmosphere.


Last falls Ghost Recon: Island Thunder looks dated on Xbox, so its no surprise that Jungle Storm on PS2 is positively U-G-L-Y on PS2 but its mix of squad-based strategy and first-person shooting remains slowly paced, smartly thrilling fun. SOCOM II aficionados dont have to worry about this game knocking the crown off their kings noggin, although its ballistic intellectual gameplay (online or off) make Storm worth seeking out. Just barely.

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