Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

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a game by Ubisoft
Genre: Action
Platform: XBox
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

People say:


PS2 owners waited patiently for months to get their Rainbow Six fix, but in the end, this version isn’t as good as other PS2 shooters and is certainly not worthy of the pedigree that the R6 series has forged on Xbox and PC. The disappointment begins offline as you work through a ho-hum single-player mode with short missions and uninspired maps, a checkpoint system that isn’t all that useful, a radar setup that gives you only a vague idea of what’s ahead, and dirt-stupid A.I. teammates. Unfortunately, the online experience isn’t much better. Say good-bye to the mayhem of 16-player SOCOM matches and a reluctant hello to a maximum of six players in any of R6's game types. Its online maps are poorly designed, and because there aren’t any doors to open and close, one of the offline games key strategic elements using your team to coordinate surprise attacks on an enemys stronghold is taken away. Plus, you have a limited selection of weapons when playing online, and, disconcertingly, the bodies of fallen comrades disappear immediately instead of staying on the ground, making it harder to find out where all your teammates were recently slaughtered. It’s strange to see R6 in such vanilla packaging, especially since I can’t get enough of the very different Xbox version. When your main competition on PS2 is SOCOM, just showing up to the party doesnt cut it.


I can see how CJ feels burned after all the giddy, bullet-riddled hours weve spent with the Xbox game, but compared with other PS2 shooters (especially online shooters), Rainbow really isnt that bad. It’s not that great, either, but as long as you dont know what youre missing over on Xbox, youll definitely wring some enjoyment out of neutralizing those dang terrorists, even if your squadmates are kinda dumb. Multiplayer would be a bit better if not for the six-player max ceiling and occasional bouts of slowdown, even on tiny maps, but it’s fun in a not-very-strategic sort of way. Ubisoft did a great job when it ported the first Splinter Cell to other consoles, so it’s obviously possible but for next time, heres a tip: Dont remove features from the game and make it actively worse in every respect.


If you have a PS2 and are interested in a solid, addictive squad shooter...get SOCOM II. Oh, you say you really want to play Rainbow Six 3? Then buy an Xbox and play that version instead. I can’t say the PS2 Rainbow is bad, but its lackluster compared with those other titles. Here, war aint hell its a carnival shooting gallery with stiff, predictable enemies. Online wont thrill either with tiny maps, lack of modes, and all the other reasons these guys already mentioned. But if SOCOM ll's too intimidating for you, this games simpler approach may do the trick.

Rainbow Split

New to the PS2 R6 is a splitscreen mode in which you and a friend can play cooperatively through the single-player missions (but get no additional A.I. teammates) or through terrorist hunt, in which your only goal is to down tangos. Keep in mind that when your friend falls, youre left to finish the mission alone no respawns. And since there are no health packs, you cant afford to take a few hits for the team. So dont just run into every room with guns blazin.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

The sad fact is this: All those terrorists arent going to shoot themselves. Youll have to do it. These strategies will help you realize your full combat potential. From door assaults to setting up crossfires to seeing in the dark, we cover it all oh yeah, we cover covering, too.

Door Assaults

Please, for Dings sake, behave as if each door has one or more hostiles behind it. Cautiously get as close to the door as you can. If you hear footsteps receding, the enemy probably has his back to the door. Attack while you have this advantage.

Lets assume you hear zilch (which will be most of the time). While standing next to the door, study your map. Does it look like theres a wall to your left and an open expanse to your right? Play the odds and charge in with your attention focused in that direction. If you see the bad men, you know what to do.

Open, Flash, and Clear

Fragging and breaching are great for inflicting damage on the terrorists on the other side of a door. If you want to conserve equipment, a simple open and dear command will do. But for hostage situations, nothing beats a well-executed open, flash, and clear. Heres how to do it right. Approach the door and give the order. If you want to get into position elsewhere (enter through a second door if possible), hold down the right trigger as you give the order. Your squad will then wait for your Zulu, or go-ahead signal, before they attack.

When your men open the door, glance away briefly so that you dont catch an eyeful of bright disorientation. Then charge into the room with your squad and help eliminate the enemy. Should be a cakewalk, since theyll be blinded.


When attacking a difficult enemy position, look for more than one avenue of attack. Send your men to one strategic spot (for example, through an undefended door) while you head for another (a second door, side passage, catwalk, etc.). Attack simultaneously and drive the terrorists to panic. They may not know which direction to turn, so as they swing to attack your men, you cut them down from the side (and vice versa, as your men protect you). By flanking them, you set up a deadly crossfire that catches them with the most possible hits. Its tactically delicious!


On nighttime missions especially, you need the use of your special visions. Dont hesitate to flick on your night vision if youre headed into a dark room, cause you cant shoot what you cant see.

But thermal vision cant be beat. You can even see heat signatures through barricades and doors. Try this: Throw a smoke grenade into a populated room, turn on your thermal vision, and depopulate the room before any of those fools know whats going on. Now youre playing with style!

Cover Me

Use the "cover command intelligently. For instance, set up your team in a side corridor, tell them to cover, then go find some terrorists and lure em around the corner to their bloody, bloody doom.

Try to install your squad in a superior firing position. Balconies, catwalks, and even climbable crates are great places to leave your support troops. Give the cover command, and your men will shoot hostiles on sight. With the high-ground advantage, your team will be a lot more effective, and they live longer.

People say:


If you've avoided squad-based shooters in the past because they seemed dull and (cough) bloodless, you no longer have the slightest excuse, because Rainbow Six 3 is a near-perfect blend of first-person shooting and smart-guy tactics. In it, you command three operatives to perform such tasks as blowing up a door or taking control of a room. Even advanced orders, like having 'em toss a flashbang grenade into an office right before you rush through another door, require only a few quick button presses. You'll never be fumbling with squad commands when the bullets are flying. Though even if you were, your squadmates do a good job of taking care of themselves. Dispatch them behind a nearby car, and each will head over and crouch for cover, peek around comers, and scan for targets, just like real soldiers. But as great as these squaddies are to play with, they can't compare to real people. Online co-op play is fantastic--once you learn how to work together, you'll be taking rooms and completing levels with text-book efficiency--and that's almost impossibly fun. Competing in deathmatches is entertaining as well, since the game offers so many different ways of using your environment to fool opponents. Rainbow Six 3 plays so well that it could get away with not being the best looking and sounding game in its field, but luckily it is. Only a few minor A.I. problems keep this game from being completely legendary. Even still, it's a must-have title.


Everyone will enjoy Rainbow Six 3's crisp graphics and awesome lighting effects, but only those with real patience will appreciate the game's challenging, slow-paced missions. Luckily, issuing squad orders is simple, and your teammates position themselves and attack with impressive realism. Enemies show signs of intelligence as well--peeking around corners, running for cover, and firing without exposing themselves. Other times, though, they don't react to gunfire or they stare blankly as you gun down one of their friends. And the way bad guys suddenly pop in at certain spots every time belongs in Doom, not a realistic squad shooter. Unlike Joe, I found multiplayer slow and dull, except for co-op, where the excitement of relying on your friends is intense.


Ubisoft's decision to break with tradition pays off big time in Rainbow Six 3. Gone are the tedious pre-mission planning sessions, and in their place, an intuitive real-time menu (or voice) system gives you on-the-fly control over your squad in the heat of battle. What makes these realtime commands work so well is the fact that your A.I. teammates are a significant cut above what you'd usually find in a tactical shooter, taking care to check blind spots and find cover during fire-fights. But the game really shines on Xbox Live, where you play with and against friends and strangers. Although it could have used more online modes and weapon balancing, Six 3 is a taut, gorgeous masterpiece that's peerless in its class.

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