a game by Toho, and Sims Co., Ltd.
Genre: Strategy/War
Platforms: NESNES, GameBoy, GameGear
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 3 votes
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  • Manufacturer: TTI
  • Machine: Duo
  • Theme: Fighting

People say:


I am a big fan of rubber monsters myself, and this game was a great thrill for me. All of Godzilla's foes, except for Ebirha the sea monster, are here. Each monster has its own voice digitized from the movies, and the backgrounds are authentic as well. Many of the moves seem random, and the actual punches and kicks are few. I like being able to play as the Super X2. Versus Mode is fantastic!


I've never liked the Godzilla flicks and this game doesn't do much more for me. As it stands, it's a limited fighting game with a lack of special moves and bad control. The attacks do fit the characters, though, plus the music and sounds help the aura of the game. The access time is almost nil so there's no problem there. Fighting games are becoming too commonplace and this game is geared toward movie lovers only.


This is a new twist to fighting games. It's loaded with plenty of Godzilla's enemies as well as the famed fire-breather himself that you can choose to fight with or against. The graphics are OK and the music is cool. The Quest Mode along with the Versus Mode is a plus. The only thing I didn't like was that there aren't enough moves, a limit placed by the Duo's two button controller. Godzilla fans will totally dig this.


Fighting fans may not be impressed by the number of moves or the effects, but it does play decently. The techniques look a bit weak but are easy to control and lit the characters to a tee. This game appeals to monster fans more than lighting fans due to its good CD sounds and accurate portrayal of the characters. As a Godzilla fan I must admit to liking the look of the game but not so much the feel.

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System requirements:

P-200, 32 MB RAM

Operating systems: Windows 9x/2K/WinXP/Vista/7

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: T.T.I.
  • Machine: Duo
  • Theme: Fighting

The king of monsters is back. Godzilla is coming to the Duo, and he's got lots of fighting action in store for you.

Take on a great deal of rubber monsters from his past films, like Gigan, Mechagodzilla, Biolante, King Ghidra, and Mecha Ghidra. Being a CD game, you can bet on rockin' tunes and roars straight from the films.

No rubber monster fan should go without seeing this one. The graphics are great, complete with fiery backgrounds and charring tanks. This game allows you to play as Godzilla himself, or one of his many adversaries for one giant battle.

The Duo is making a comeback with this terrific fighting cart that brings out the beast in you.

  • Type: Act/Adv.
  • Difficulty: Avg.

Straight from Tokyo comes the King of the Monsters, Godzilla, in his first video game adventure! Toho, the company responsible for bringing the fire-breathing creature to the screen, has teamed Godzilla up with pal Mothra to take on the strongest creations from the films (Mecha-Godzilla, the Planet X Monster, etc.). This game combines some strategy, moving your monster-heroes on a hex map, as well as action encounters with opponents and Bosses on different planets.

People say:


Godzilla is an interesting game that throws in some strategy between the action sequences. It is the action scenes, however, that need improvement. Godzilla and Mothra move too slowly for any real exciting interaction and even though the large characters look good, the game is average.


Another action game. Godzilla tries to be interesting by including playboard screen. Being able to select the monster you want to fight with is O.K., but old Godzilla just can't fight like he did in movies. Sideview fight scenes are too predictable with not enough surprise.


The graphics in Godzilla are detailed, but the animation of the main characters could have been more defined. The game play is similar to chess, with side action scenes in between the strategy moves. More could have been done with the theme, but monster fans should enjoy the all-star cast.


Godzilla started with a very unique idea but didn't fully realize its potential. The side-scrolling action scenes get repetitive, with a limited number of enemies attacking. The inability of Godzilla and Mothra's to turn around is also annoying. Some of the graphics are cool, but not much else.

Since he first stormed onto movie screens in 1954, Godzilla has cut an impressive figure. Whatever else may be said about the Big Lizard, he's certainly hard to ignore. If you've felt that a star of his, um, proportions deserves his own Nintendo game, your wish has been granted. Make way for Godzilla, Monster of Monsters. The title requires a bit of explanation. True, he's definitely a monster (could you mistake him for anything else?), but in this game he's the hero - along with his gigantic moth-like colleague, Mothra. Together they've been enlisted by Earth's leaders to rid the universe of a variety pack of invading space monsters. The ensuing battles are fought on eight different planets.

The game begins by displaying a map of connected hexagons, each representing a battle zone. Here's where you determine your plan of attack against the enemy base. After you've advanced Godzilla or Mothra (you can use either) to a new hexagon, the screen changes to show the zone you've picked.

Now it's time for Godzilla to fight for the right to call himself the King of the Monsters. Rest assured that his opponents are no bunch of wimps, either. Names like Gigan, Baragon, and Hedorah aren't just handed out to common city-stompers. Such names must be earned. The action takes place in eight assorted locales, including jungles, cities, and volcanoes. Godzilla's campaign eventually leads him to a final battle with the mighty Ghidora on Planet X. Can our firebreathing friend muster the strength to defeat the three-headed Ghidora? Only you and Godzilla know for sure.

Effort has been made to give Godzilla, Monster of Monsters a level of complexity beyond its simple premise. The hexagonal map is an interesting idea that works. The bold and colorful graphics help dress up a game that could have been dark and drab. The action sometimes drags a little, but Godzilla fans probably won't mind too much. Let's face it - the guy's got a loyal following. Now if he could just win that Oscar....

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