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Sega Genesis SNES


Pinocchio Game
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It's the classic Disney movie in video game form. You play as Pinocchio, a puppet who has come to life. But he still needs to become a real boy.
Sega Genesis NES


Aladdin Game
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  • Prince Of Persia
    Prince Of Persia That means better camera angles, improved visuals and tighter control--which is good considering the amount of sword...
  • Super Castlevania IV
    Super Castlevania IV It is a retelling of Simon Belmont's foray into Dracula's castle, first told in the original Castlevania. The game...
Aladdin is one of the finest platformers ever. It combines pick-up-and-play gameplay with one of the smoothest game engines out there, as well as some of the most detailed graphics ever.
Sega Genesis NES

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation Game
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Justice League Heroes

I'm not certain that this type of game really represents a new genre.

Godzilla 2

You command the allied forces and design its battle strategy in order to destroy a multitude of monsters who've invaded the earth.

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