Super Castlevania IV

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a game by Konami
Genre: Platformer
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 6.9/10, based on 7 reviews
User Rating: 7.6/10 - 5 votes
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  • Number of Levels: 10+
  • Theme: Adventure
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Available: December

The Drac is back!

Simon Belmont has invaded the 16-bit market. That's right he's coming to you on the Super NES In with 16-bil graphics and sound. Every one hundred years the force of good start to weaken and the forces of evil become stronger and stronger. Also every one hundred years the power of dracula grows more and more. Each time he returns he is stronger then the last and that time is soon to come. It has been one hundred years since Simon Belmont defeated Dracula and saved Transylvania from sheer destruction. However, once again Transylvania is in danger. Dracula is back and he is out to get revenge against the Belmont family. The towns people now look to a new and more powerful Belmont to seek out and destroy Dracula. You, with your whip in hand, must seek out and destroy this evil and once again bring peace back to Transylvania.

The mystical whip

Simon has learned how to do more techniques with his whip.

He can now use his whip in eight different directions. Also, after Simon uses his whip it will go limp and just hang down. Simon can twirl his wipe around and use it as a form a attack.

Ancient weapon!

This version of Castlevania is like the others in that you will be aided by ancient weaponry along the way, however you can only carry one weapon at a time. This weaponry is most helpful against the bosses and sometimes they will be needed in the main level of action. In order to use these weapons you need to collect hearts. For every heart you can shoot out one of your weapons, and in order to collect hearts you need to look in the candles.

Simon can know use his whip to grab on to things and swing across from one platform to another. When Simon grabs onto the ring with his whip he can hang on as long as he wants.

Helpful items!

These items will be very useful and you'll need most of them in order to finish the game. You will find these items hidden in the candles and hidden in walls. You have to whip the candles and the walls to make them appear. Grab them quickly because it will only stay on the screen for a few seconds, then it will disappear.


  • Little heart. Gives you one heart. It lets you use you special weapon once.
  • Big heart. This will give you five hearts toward your special weapon.
  • Money bag. Get these to receive bonus points. The amounts vary.
  • Gross. If you find this get it immediately because it will kill all the enemies on the screen.
  • Morning star. When you die the morning start will power-up your whip.
  • Invisibility potion. When you grab this item you will be invisible for a short while.
  • Small pork chop. Grab this to give you back some of your much needed life.
  • Large pork chop. Whip walls and you might find this. It gives you back most of your life.
  • Double shoot. Allows you to shoot out 2 special weapons at one time.
  • Triple shoot. Lets you shoot out 3 special weapons at one time.

Stage one

By the time you get here you should have mastered the new techniques of your wipe. If not this may be your last chance to. When you get to the boss, He'll come out on the right side. Get close to him and use your whip.

Stage three

This level has some of the best graphics ever. There are times when there are 3 layers of parallax scrolling. Watch out for the enemies that are hiding behind the waterfalls, they may be hard to.

Stage four

The mode 7 effects in this level are incredible. Watch out though, there so good that sometimes it starts to freak out or eyes, and you can't see the enemies coming. This boss will shrink in size if you hit him with your whip

Stage five

This is a short level, but a important level. This is the level that will lead you to the front porch of Castlevania itself. It maybe short, but it's not that easy.

Stage six

The levels in stage six seam to be resemble those of the levels in the first Castlevania. But of course, this levels have better graphics. The boss will dance circles around you if you start tripping over your feet.

Stage seven

You may meat some old friends in this stage, but watch out because those friends now have friends of their own. Use a dagger against the boss until you loses his axe. Then wail him with your whip.

Stage eight

This level can be rough if you don't watch where your going. There are spikes everywhere. Take this one slow and try not to jump into any spikes. At the end of this level an old foe has a bone to pick with you.

Stage nine

This level is not on loaded with enemies, but money two. This levels is probably the funniest level to play because the effects of the gold coins are cool. The ghost in the background add to the fun.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

Expectations for the sequel to the immensely popular Castlevania series on the Super Nintendo with its 16-bit technology and graphic capabilities are understandably high. After putting Castlevania IV through its paces, this reviewer can unconditionally guarantee that not only will all expectations be met, but they will be shattered! No predictions, no hype, the year's best action adventure game for any game system has arrived!

Simon Says

Once again, you take the role of Simon Belmont, heir to the vampire-hunting Belmont lineage. Legend has it that every 100 years the forces of Good mysteriously weaken and allow the forces of Evil to gain a foothold on Earth. Thie peace of the countryside has been ruffled by evil emanations coming forth from the deserted castle atop the mountainside... the same castle where your ancestor Trevor Belmont defeated evil incarnate, Count Dracula, over 100 years ago in Castlevania III for the NES.

Villagers whisper that they have seen the undead walk the night and some even swear that they have seen of Redlips himself! It is Simon's destiny to venture into the castle to find out if Dracula has indeed returned, and if he has, to terminate him once and for all!

A Monster Mash

Castlevania IV is a massive eighteen-level monster which features non-stop action! Wind your way through the lushly illustrated marshes and forests of the village, the maze-like caverns of the castles, and, if you're lucky, Dracula's private inner chambers for the final battle!

Veteran Castlevania players will ease into the gameplay. Simon has only a certain amount of health units and time to finish each level. Your primary weapon is a Whip, but there are plenty of opportunities throughout the game to find special weapons such as Battleaxes, Holy Water, Daggers, and even Secret Potions. Blow out candles to reveal valuable Hearts, which determine the number of times you may use a special weapon. Also available in hidden spots throughout the game are invaluable food items which restore Simon's health units.

All your favorite monsters a ghouls tom the previous Castle games are back, including zomt floating eyeballs, flying Medusa and haunted suits of armor! For they haven't learned any new tri the same tactics and strategies used before work just as well here!

Simon, however, has a couple useful new moves. The most important is the ability to flick his Whip without having to wind up for a full-fledged hit. This move provides the most firepower in situations where the enemies come at you fast and furious. Simon can also wrap his Whip around certain wall mounts and use it to swing over obstacles! Why fight when you can fly?


  • It's better to learn the Medusa heads' pattern and dodge them rather than try to take them “head” on, since they always appear whenever you can be easily knocked off a ledge or staircase!
  • Flick the whip when you face a swarm of enemies. Gruesome Graphics, Scary Sound

The graphics in this game are extraordinary! Clearly, the Konami artists took the time to take full advantage of the SNES's 16 bit technology. Every screen is so rich in detail and vibrant colors that it's worth your time to hit Pause and study them properly. The character graphics are all sharp as tacks, and the sprites move smoothly without any flicker. Castlevania IV throttles the SNES's ability to produce multiple independently scrolling layers of graphics to the max, creating extraordinarily realistic depth. Konami even pulls off some radical, almost unbelievable rotating background effects!

Awesome, full-bodied, non-computer sounding music and eerily real sound effects provide a delicious icing to this video delight. From the opening title screen's spine-tingling wolf howl to the pulse-pounding soundtrack of the final battle with Dracula, Castlevania IV hits you right between the lobes!

A Graveyard Smash

Run don't walk to drive your stake through Castlevania IV! An action adventure treat that will appeal to gamers of all ages and ability, this game should be on the top of every SNES owner's holiday wish list. And while you're writing that down, this reviewer will make his own wish: Castlevania IV!!

The Drac is Back!!!

Simon Belmont is back in the whip-snappin' sequel Castlevania 4. Simon must make his way through nine levels of intense action to reach the legendary Castlevania, home of the wicked Count Dracula. While in the castle, there are two more levels you must conquer in order to reach Dracula. Before entering Dracula's throne room jump off the ledge at the base of the stairs for secret power-ups! Walk up the invisible staircase and jump to the ledge. Now go battle Dracula and bring peace back to Transylvania.

  • December 1991

A whole new adventure awaits you as the evil Count Dracula terrorizes the Belmont family once again. Castlevania 4 is the latest cart for the Super Famicom from the wizards at Konami. Dracula is up to his old tricks and this time you must go through haunted forests, eerie caverns, and creepy cemeteries before meeting up with the old bloodsucker himself. The graphics are truly amazing, the variety of colors and detailed shading make these some of the best graphics on the Super Famicom yet! The music has been revamped and the sound effects are extremely realistic. The end bosses are awesome and the game play is challenging just like the previous Castlevania games. This is a hot one and will probably be one of the best Super Famicom titles of the year in Japan and the U.S. as well.

Konami brings you the fourth installment to the Castlevania series. This looks like it's the best one yet! Incredible graphics and sound enhance the classic Castlevania game play. New weapons too.

Super Castlevania IV, one of the first titles for the Super NES, is still one of the all-time best games. In Super Castlevania IV, Simon Belmont, the vampire hunter, uses his whip to kill enemies and to swing across chasms. Castlevania IV took full advantage of the new 16-bit system with then-eye-popping Mode 7 visual effects and superb stereo sound. The U.S. version was censored by Nintendo of America, who removed the blood and religious symbols.

Konami's famous Dracula-bashing whippersnapper, Simon Belmont, is out to rid the Super NES video dimension of a horrific fanged foe -- the vampire Dracula. Bigger and better than ever, Castlevania IV consists of 18 grueling stages, each of which is practically bursting off the screen with a myriad of creatures such as the People Eating Plants, Snakes, Walking Caskets, and attack-trained portraits?! Never fear. Simon's eight directional whip, which also serves as a grappling hook, as well as a slew of other health and strength giving items are close at hand. Can Simon rid the land of Dracula, once and for all? You'll just have to jump onto the Transylvanian trail and find out.

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    Sean Kalifut said on Forum:

    This is one of my favorite Castlevania games that I had the pleasure of playing. The only problem I had was that this game was too easy! If you are itching for a challenging Castlevania game, play Dracula X or Bloodlines, but do not rule this one out!