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Download and embark on the ultimate virtual hunting expedition with Hunting games! Track elusive prey, hone your marksmanship, and explore breathtaking environments as you become the apex predator. Are you ready to conquer the wild? Your hunting gaming adventure starts now!

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Selection Criteria: Games that focus on the activity of hunting, often featuring realistic or stylized mechanics and wildlife.

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Big Game Hunter 2

Shhhhhhhhh ... I think I hear that trophy elk we have been hunting all day. Over there by that stand of trees, was that an elk?

Hunting Unlimited 2

As a reviewer it's my responsibility to remain unbiased towards each game that goes under my proverbial microscope of inspection.

Deer Hunter, Deer Hunter: Extended Season, Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter

Has deer season come and gone? Can't wait until next year to hunt? Don't worry—it's always open season with Deer Hunter from Sunstorm Interactive.

Deer Hunter

You might be a redneck buy a Game Boy Color for Deer Hunter by Vatical Entertainment and Morning Star Multimedia.

Bird Hunter: Waterfowl Edition, Duck Hunter Pro

You hunker down in the early morning silence, waiting for the first flutter of wings.

Field & Stream Trophy Buck

It's a brisk October morning as you pull up in your 4X4 to your favorite hunting spot.

Cabela's Alaskan Adventure

The premise of Alaskan Adventure is simple, you'll travel from region to region of Alaska participating in hunts and various other competitions such as dog sled racing, ice fishing, fly fishing and water fowl shooting.

Ultimate Hunt Challenge

Listen up all you avid hunters, from here on there will be no more off season for you!

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