Kensei Sacred Fist

a game by Konami
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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Kensei Sacred Fist
Kensei Sacred Fist
Kensei Sacred Fist
Kensei Sacred Fist

People say:


Konami makes great games, but they just can't manage to get the fighting genre right. Kensei borrows heavily from both Tekken 3 and Dead or Alive with similar-looking combos and control methods. The problem is, they added all the flash and none of the depth of those two fighters. Even worse, the cool parts that Kensei imitates aren't pulled off quite right. The characters range from decent to very poor, design-wise, which doesn't make you want to play as any of them. While the animation during combos is pretty good, the controls are sacrificed, making it hard to string combos consistently or even coherently. There's also a lag between your button inputs and the movements of the characters which is inexcusable in a fighting game. In some instances, it feels like the fight is going on without your input. Another problem is the head tracking (when a character will move his/her head in the direction of his/her opponent). While the fighters in Kensei can do this, they can't control how far they look. In other words, they're turning their head to almost Exorcist degrees which looks ridiculous.'s possible to overlook many of Kensei's shortcomings if you're just interested in a new fighter with glitzy graphics. But then again, the same could be said of any game if all you want is fluff.


Sacred Fist looks very nice. Hi-res graphics with good lighting effects--you can't beat that. For variety, nine characters plus several bosses seems like plenty. I wish the controls were more responsive but it's not too bad. Beyond the fluid gameplay, the most impressive thing about Fist is the counter system. Turning an opponent's kick or punch against them feels so right. It's a great feature. I definitely recommend checking this out.


You can see that both Tekken and Virtua Fighter were looked at pretty closely during the development of Kensei, and it's also clear that VF (probably VF2) was the biggest influence. The bouts are abrupt and short, but the moves and especially the countering system are surprisingly impressive. There are some nasty attacks once you get to grips with the simple controls. The hi-res graphics are slick, but the action is a bit too slow.


Almost a bizarre hybrid of Tekken and VF2, Kensei is a pleasant surprise. Sure, it has the world's most boring character names (Ann, David, Steve...) but it has a grace shared by few other games. The defense and counter engine is superb and allows you to turn opponents' attacks back on them with relative ease. Along with this, there are a lot of extremely realistic-looking moves. Shame it's a bit slow though. Kinda spoils it.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Kensei, Konami's first fighting game for the PlayStation, includes unique features and 20 fighters. The controls have not only the usual kick, punch, and throw capabilities, but also an unusual move: The "redirection technique," which allows you to block an incoming attack and then to immediately counterattack. Kensei also has a high frame rate for super-smooth graphics. Can Kensei compete in the same ring as Dead or Alive, Rival Schools, and Tekken 3? Find out this winter.

Ktnsei: Sacred Fist mayboa blatant rip-off of Tekken 3, but at least it captures the spirit and splendor of its model or at least some of it.

Kensei offers a total of 22 characters, each with multiple v-costumes and special moves. There aren't any silly throws here this is fist- and footicuffs all the way. The combatants move fluidly and feel real, but the action is slower paced titan Tckken 3 s. and many of the controls seem sluggish at times. This may be because the combo system requires button pushes long before the move is executed (again, due to the slowness of the action).

Luckily, widi a great variety of environments and a whopping 13 hidden characters to unlock. Kensei offers a good deal of action and replayability. Plus, its soundtrack is right out of Tekken 3: melodramatic Japanese pop with silly taunts and punishing effects. Fighting fans waiting for a respectable Fighting title on die PlayStation should check out diis game.

  • PROTIP: Henlz Is a formidable character because his combos are easy to execute. Keep tapping away on the Punch button to inflict brutality!

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