Know by Heart

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a game by Ice-Pick Lodge
Platform: PC
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Know by Heart
Know by Heart
Know by Heart

There are a lot of topics that indie video games have tried to tackle over time, especially those that are just a bit too complex and/or emotional for AAA titles to grapple with themselves. That’s not to say that there aren’t any AAA games out there that have been released that don’t have complex themes, quite the opposite really, but the indie gaming platform provides a space for creators that have had somewhat pointed, unique, and often traumatic experiences to share it through a new medium. Know by Heart is an upcoming game that has a lot of themes that seem to flow through it, dealing primarily with the idea of loss as it pertains to growing older and losing that sense of childhood ignorance & optimism we all have when we’re young. Though it hasn’t been released yet, there are a few things to discuss regarding what we could see once it comes out.

A Gripping Approach

As mentioned, its likely that Know by Heart will be somewhat of a tear-jerker given the context. At the moment, we know that we will be assuming the role of Misha, an inhabitant of a quaint, small Russian town shortly following the Soviet era. Of course, the fallout of the Soviet Union’s downfall will play a large role in how this story progresses, though the narrative itself will focus on Misha’s crush returning to town, breaking up the monotony of his dead-end job. It’s a game that feels like a personal note from the creators that will be full of heart every step of the way. Players will deal with loss, romance, uncertainty, and finding new meaning throughout their journey with Misha in ways that will evoke emotion like never before.

Unique Gameplay

Right now, Know by Heart’s gameplay is set up similar to a stage play that are games like Donut County with the controls like Life is Strange. Beyond that, all that’s truly known is that it will be a narrative-driven, emotional adventure that hinges on player thoughts with a non-linear progression.

Bottom Line

Aside from that, it’s a relatively unknown experience. All that can be said is that you should prepare yourself to be emotionally invested for uncertain circumstances and outcomes. Misha’s life is hardly anything like that of an action star, and he exists in a world that seemingly works against him.


There are a lot of things to look forward to in Know by Heart. It looks like it’s got heart, a dedicated team, and a truly interesting art design that enables anyone to experience Misha’s life as if it were their own.

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