Law & Order: Justice Is Served

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a game by Vivendi Universal
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Law & Order: Justice Is Served
Law & Order: Justice Is Served
Law & Order: Justice Is Served
Law & Order: Justice Is Served

TV shows that end up as video games are becoming more popular these days. Developers have found ways to successfully recreate of the popularity of these shows and we've already seen it with CSI and in previous Law and Order games. TV based games have one advantage as they can basically walk you through an episode of your favorite TV show and take the experience to a new level. Law & Order: Justice Is Served meets these expectations easily as it plays out almost exactly like an episode including all the associated actors and plot lines you've come to expect.

Law & Order: Justice Is Served opens with the murder of a tennis star in a locker room. The story unfolds as two other bickering tennis players discover the body and the investigation begins. The gameplay follows that same formula as other CSI and Law and Order games. Basically it's a point and click adventure style of game as you collect evidence, move to different locations, and talk to witnesses or other officials. There are puzzles along the way to solve in addition to the mystery itself. In addition, there's a solid and easy to use interface that guides you though the game and the graphics and audio both offer quality interpretations of the TV show.

This type of adventure game is not for everybody however as it takes time to collect evidence, talk to people, and move locations. The gameplay is inherently slow by design so those of us that have short attention spans should be wary. If you like the TV series however, Law & Order: Justice Is Served offers an entirely new way to enjoy the show. Also, Law and Order: Dead on the Money is included for free, which is always appreciated.

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