Mr. Prepper

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a game by Rejected Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 3 votes
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Mr. Prepper
Mr. Prepper
Mr. Prepper
Mr. Prepper

Nope, it's not a type of soda - Mr. Prepper is a sort of doomsday game like the name dictates. You've heard of all these 'crazy' apocalyptic preparation proponents, now you can actually be one! The gameplay concept is not new. However, the ideas behind the game are massively entertaining, if not just a wee bit comical.

Mr. Prepper will transcend you into the world of doomsday prepping. The oddity of this game is that the core focus is entirely on preparation. Not survival or combat. That leaves the question - how much fun could you actually get out of taking stock of food supplies or digging an underground bunker?

It's All About the Preparation

Mr. Prepper presents as a side-scrolling building game with the core objective of building a doomsday bunker - while keeping it secret from the looming authorities. The meticulous detailing in accomplishing small tasks seems a bit overwhelming at first - but the game's unique ideas make it pretty engaging.

You are living in a dystopian world - hence why you will continue to build your bunker to defend against harsh realities. The government aims to suppress all residents into a suburban drab by consistently inspecting your home for any threats or anomalies. You, as Mr. Prepper, are tasked with developing your underground fortress while making it look like everything is in order.

Silly little things like having too many water buckets or a chair in the wrong place will trigger the agent's concerns. It all sounds a bit contrived, but it's surprisingly immersive. There is a lot of variation in levels when collecting bunker assets - featuring travels to deserts and forests. Managing your bunker creates urgency when keeping it at optimum efficiency. There is also general satisfaction about being well stocked for an apocalypse.

The game's detail hides the fact that some mechanics really aren't up to scratch, though. There are nodes of combat that are probably worse than old-school flash games. You will get a sense of frustration trying to manage the levels of preparedness as well. Mr. Prepper is an intriguing concept that goes a little overboard in creating the aura of doomsday prepping - but it's not to say that it isn't an entertaining ride!

I'll Take My Chances.

It's a little tricky to describe the genre of Mr. Prepper. It's a management simulator - paired with a survival sandbox and tower builder. The game could arguably be celebrated as being quite unique in that regard, as no one really has made a simulator that focuses entirely on being prepared for an apocalypse. Only Fallout Shelter comes close - but that's after the world goes to pot - not before!


Players who adore the detail would actually get hours of entertainment out of Mr. Prepper. The urgency and the variation in the game prevent it from becoming a stale simulator - but over time, management does become a drag. The frustrations in prepping are a bit too real for casual liking - the uniqueness, however, makes it worth a shot.


  • A very unique simulator focusing on doomsday prepping
  • High levels of variation that keep gameplay exciting
  • Well-designed visuals relating to a dystopian world


  • Management of the bunker becomes a bit too detailed
  • Combat mechanics are awful
  • Not for any sort of casual player

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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