My Disney Kitchen

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a game by Disney Games and Interactive Experiences
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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My Disney Kitchen
My Disney Kitchen
My Disney Kitchen
My Disney Kitchen

Disney is no stranger to the video game world, and they have overseen some of the most classic titles ever released. Even though in the more recent years they have not been too active, they had some amazing titles back in the day. So, when a new game was released and had the Disney logo, you knew it meant business. Of course, sometimes they also went ahead and made games intended mostly for the youngest of the house, they are Disney after all. My Disney Kitchen is one of these titles. But, what is this game all about?

About the game

Originally released by Disney Interactive in 1998 as a hybrid title for Macintosh and PC, My Disney Kitchen was re-cooked for the PlayStation, courtesy of BAM! Entertainment. Young Chefs learn to prepare various dishes, create meals and experiment with quirky gadgets, and gain a practical sense of cleanup after they're done. More than 30 recipes are provided by FamilyFun magazine, using a well-stocked refrigerator and pantry from My Disney Kitchen. The Game encourages experimentation with ingredients, setting the table, tidying the room, food service, and finishing off with concoctions with syrup, fruit, etc.

In My Disney Kitchen, young chefs learn how to prepare various dishes, create meals and experiment with fancy appliances, and gain a practical sense of cleaning up after they finish. This is an important part of the game actually since there are many cooking programs made for kids, but little to none available at that time focused so much on cleaning up and organizing. This is a pretty important part of cooking, and it's a great way to teach the kids to be more responsible. There are plenty of options for the kids to choose from, which means they can cook whatever they want. They even get to decorate their own kitchen, which is something that will make them feel like they are really playing a game.

A cooking game?

Sure, when we think about cooking games nowadays probably Cooking Mama is the first game that comes to mind, but there are many differences between a Cooking Mama game and My Disney Kitchen. Starting with the gameplay, as Cooking Mama is literally a cooking simulation game, and My Disney Kitchen is meant to be more of a cooking guide. It's more focused on teaching kids how to cook instead of simply giving them instructions on what to do. That's why there isn't any actual cooking involved, although the results of their work are edible.

Of course, using the Disney characters is a great way to keep kids entertained while they learn, and it's a kind of game we don't usually see present nowadays. A lot of times, the only thing you can expect in a Disney cooking game is the Disney name and a few pictures here and there. In My Disney Kitchen, they go a step further and actually puts life in the characters of the game, making it feels as if you're on a Disney attraction in the parks.


The game is really cute and entertaining, even though there's little gameplay, the experience is excellent for the kids. The graphics are very nice, and the whole atmosphere is really pleasant and relaxing. The music is good too, and the voice acting is top-notch. However, the main issue is the lack of variety. Once you've learned all the recipes, you'll never play again, and that's a real shame.


  • Great graphics
  • Good voice acting


  • Very limited gameplay
  • No replay value

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  • PC compatible
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