Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey

Download Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey and join your favorite Disney princesses in a magical adventure! Explore enchanted realms, solve puzzles, and help restore balance to the kingdom. Unleash your inner princess and play now!
a game by Papaya Studio Corporation
Platform: Playstation 2 (2007)
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.1/10 - 22 votes
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Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey
Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey
Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey

Whether it’s the ice queen of Arendale, the lady in the tower with the long luscious hair or the chick with the glass slipper. One thing is always certain. If you slap a Disney logo on it and give them a vibrant, flowy dress, kids and adults alike will flock to cinemas in their droves. Well, the same applies when talking about video games. No matter how simplistic or poorly manufactured these titles usually are, they sell like hotcakes with brand backing alone. So would it be so wrong to put Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey in that bracket?

This game plays Bratz: The Movie, Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure and if we are being really kind, Kingdom Hearts, but only the mind-numbing Winnie the Pooh based mini-games. Often these titles offer some rudimentary puzzles and mini-games making the game seem like something you would find nestling in your cereal box as a free gift. Is this game a cash grab, or is there some substance here. We find out in our review of Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey.

Not Happily Ever After

Surprisingly this game offers a plot that promises quite a lot to the player. You play as a small girl that must save the four kingdoms with the use of your trusty wand as a tool to do so. You are entrusted with the task of tending to the evil witch who has stolen the trust, colour and sound from these kingdoms. So you are granted access to portals to these worlds with the simple quest of saving the world. Sounds great on paper but the gameplay never quite lives up to the billing. The gameplay is a little bit more ambitious than some titles of this ilk. We wouldn’t say it’s comparable with say a Phoenix Games published title. However, it isn’t too far away. The game consists of you completing a series of arbitrary mini-games to clear a stage and save a kingdom. This would be fine if they were at all interesting. However, they all offer cliche and boring rehashes of tired ideas. Meaning that this game quickly becomes a chore.

Missing the Magic

Despite the sub-par gameplay, kids could still love this game if they went big on delivering a spectacle. Vibrant, flashy and memorable moments are what kids need to keep their attention longer than a few minutes and Disney lends itself to that ideal. So it’s so disappointing that the game fails in this area too. The look is dull, it’s bland, the level design is empty for the most part with little fanfare or interactive aspects. Sure you have some notable backdrops in line with the various IPs but quite frankly that’s the least they could do.

We did appreciate the sound quality much more. It wasn’t anything to write home about but it was simple yet effective. Plus, the sound effects were quirky and over the top, which in this type of setting, is perfect.

The Verdict

While this game clearly tries to be more than a bargain bin game, it fails to break free from these shackles. The graphical quality is lacking, the story never goes anywhere, the gameplay is stale and boring and while the sound quality was a highlight of this game, it wasn’t exactly mindblowing either.


Perhaps twenty years ago when it was slim pickings for a child-friendly video game, this would have been just the ticket. However, if you ask is this game worth your child’s time. We say absolutely not.


  • Simple yet effective audio selection
  • Plot is ambitious
  • Elements that aren’t just mini-games


  • An abundance of stale, boring mini-games.
  • Graphics that aren’t fit to bare the Disney logo

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Playstation 2

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

A magical fantasy world is in danger and only you can stop it in Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey! Join your favorite royal heroines from many classic movies in this quest to rid the land of a growing evil. Controlling a young girl who wakes up with no memories in a strange new place, you must battle against pesky creatures and solve the problems that arrive in their wake. As you jump between different Disney worlds, you'll meet friendly faces and help them restore order to their worlds. Cute and colorful, this Disney adventure is perfect for young gamers who can't get enough of their favorite princesses!

Main Game Features

  • Magical single-player adventure
  • Original story set in the Disney universe
  • Includes many popular characters


The story of Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey starts with you, a young girl, arriving at a ruined castle called Gentlehaven. Once the home of a beautiful princess, the castle has now become cursed, leaving it broken and in need of repair. According to a magical pink pixie, the evil spell can be lifted by traveling to different magical worlds, where other princesses need your help. A bothersome species of creatures called Bogs have been appearing in different Disney worlds, and by eliminating their presence, Gentlehaven can become beautiful once again.

This adventure will take you to several familiar places, like the worlds of The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Aladdin, and more. As expected, Disney princesses like Cinderella, Jasmine, and Ariel all make appearances, guiding you along during your adventure. The story of Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey isn't as good as the actual movies, but it's a fun tale that young players should enjoy. Funny moments, musical sections, and joyful characters are packed into this short but sweet story.


Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey is a third-person adventure with multiple worlds to explore, containing mostly puzzles and small interactions. It's similar to Kingdom Hearts, but without the RPG mechanics or fighting system. At the start of the adventure, you get to customize your character by choosing the color of her dress, her shoes, and much more. Before you travel to other Disney worlds, you must transform the troublesome Bogs by using your wand, a magical gift from the pixie. With the wand, you can target Bogs individually or spread an area of magic around, returning the creatures to their original butterfly form.

Using secret portals in a hidden part of the castle, you can transport to different Disney worlds, each with different characters and a small story to tell. The worlds are split into three chapters, which must be completed to fully restore the world. Although the game is generally pretty easy, each world has a difficulty marker, so players can expect how much of a challenge lies ahead. Much of the gameplay involves exploring areas, completing mini-games, and eliminating Bogs, making it a bit repetitive overall. However, if you're not looking for a lot of action, but are satisfied with a simple and fun story, Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey gets the job done.


This silly and carefree adventure is full of Disney magic, but it doesn't do anything new or challenge the player much. It's a good game for young girls or those gamers who love Disney princesses, with catchy music and charming characters.


Overall, you might be surprised at how fun some of the magical worlds can be to explore, so try out Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey to see for yourself.


  • Good time for new gamers
  • Explore several Disney worlds
  • Low difficulty for the appropriate audience


  • Graphics are rough
  • Too easy for any average player
  • Repetitive levels

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