My Naughty Daughter

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a game by RustyV
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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My Naughty Daughter
My Naughty Daughter
My Naughty Daughter
My Naughty Daughter

I find the premise of My Naughty Daughter quite interesting as this is a parody of another lewd game. I have never gotten off to the whole incest thing, especially the daddy/daughter fetish, it just never does anything for me, but I do know that some find it fun, and with this being a “parody” I thought the chances of some XXX laughs were quite high as I thought it would be poking fun at the original game and making fun of all the absurd stuff that went down.

My Daughter, My Rules

The game that My Naughty Daughter is a parody of is Dating My Daughter, which to be fair as far as incest style games go was not the worst one I had played, I just found the whole thing kind of creepy if I am being honest with you. I think that the way they portray the character of Dee here is rather different than the first game and I see that as both a positive and a negative, she was much more aggressive in the original game, if anything she was the one trying to bang the dad!

Surfs Up!

The premise of My Naughty Daughter is that Dee has moved to a seaside town with her dad and is now trying to build a life here. Of course, there are many guys around here that find her hot and want to bang her! The story is rather cliché, but I thought that it would have been much more amusing. They specifically say that this is a parody, but there was not really anything here that made me laugh, to be honest with you.

Jeez! Get On With It

One of the main problems that I had with Dating My Daughter was the dialogue, some of it went on forever. I am sorry to say, that is the case here with My Naughty Daughter as well. Some of these scenes just drag on forever and add nothing to the overall story. The thing is, this is a lewd visual novel game that gives you many different choices to make so you kind of have to pay attention. The thing is even though I recognize and appreciate that there are choices to be made that can change the story, when the lead up to it is boring, it makes it hard to pay attention.

California Dreams!

To be fair to My Naughty Daughter, the game is pretty easy on the eyes. Dee looks great and I like how she does not look too young. She is like a California bimbo and I kind of dig that to be real with you. There is some fun lewd content here, but there is no animated sex scenes which is a bit of a drag if you ask me. I think had I not found Dee as hot as I do, I probably would not have played this for as long as I did. We do also have to talk about the way the game runs, for some reason, it seems like the game really struggles to run, even when it has no animation!


Do I like My Naughty Daughter better than Dating My Daughter? I have to say that I think I do, but only just. I like how Dee is not just trying to screw her dad's brains out and there feels like there is more going on here. I just wish that the story was not as long winded as it is. If they cut this thing down by about half and improved the humor, I actually think I would have liked this a lot more.


  • I liked Dee more in this game
  • Dee is super hot with a rocking body!
  • The game does give you plenty of choices to make
  • If you liked Dating My Daughter you may get a bigger kick out of this


  • The game thinks its story is way more interesting than it is!
  • There are no animated sex scenes which is a shame

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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