Red Sakura Mansion

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a game by TinWoodman
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Red Sakura Mansion
Red Sakura Mansion
Red Sakura Mansion
Red Sakura Mansion

Red Sakura Mansion is a decent lewd game that has some very heavy domination themes running through it. If you are someone who is not scared of getting wet behind the ears with a golden shower, you are the right kind of person to give this game a try. I ended up quite enjoying my time with this. I know that the common complaint is that it is linear, but I actually think that works to the advanced of the game rather than it being a negative.

Big House, Small Funds

There is not a great deal to the story in Red Sakura Mansion, but I do think that the premise is kind of fun. At its core, it is a master training slaves type deal, but the way it goes about it is quite interesting. We end up getting this big mansion that is awesome, but we do not exactly have a ton of cash to pay for the lavish lifestyle that a mansion like this calls for. We decide to get a bunch of hot chicks to come and live at the mansion and train them in the XXX arts so we can make money from them.

Whoa, Where Did That Come From?

While the story is quite shallow, one thing that can be rather distracting in Red Sakura Mansion is the way the characters act. The writing here is not the best and clearly English is not the developer's first language. The reason that I say that is because the characters can change personality at an alarming rate, sometimes it is so different that it is like they become a completely different person. It does not make the game bad, but it does make it harder to connect with characters and get invested in the story.

The Best Of The Best

Did you know that Best of the Best is a series of awesome martial arts movies? That has nothing to do with Red Sakura Mansion, but to make our money, we have picked the best looking girls around. This game is pure eye candy and the main reason that I or anyone else is going to dedicate any kind of time to this is the fantastic character renders. The game has some amazing animated XXX scenes, but many of these are themed around domination and quite hardcore domination at that so it may be a bit XXX for some people. However, there is no denying that it is all very well done.

One Girl To The Next

The linear gameplay of Red Sakura Mansion is something that I liked. This is certainly more of a visual novel than it is a sandbox game. You can only be on one quest line at a time, so you click on a girl and you will usually have to spend money to get her something and this moves the story along. There is a tiny bit of grinding (just clicking the mouse) to make money, but there is never much to the actual gameplay. I liked this, it keeps you on the right track and it means you get to the good XXX stuff quicker.


While I have certainly played better lewd games than Red Sakura Mansion, I still enjoyed my time with this. I think I got a real kick out of the whole dominating and nasty sex stuff that this game had going on. It was certainly that which got me invested and ensured I stuck around to see what I was going to see next. I suggest you give this game a try and see if it is for you, I have played way worse that is for sure.


  • I thought the domination stuff was quite hot
  • The more linear gameplay ensures you stay on the right track
  • You get the XXX content at a quick pace
  • Overall, this was a pretty fun experience


  • The story has no depth at all
  • The characters change personality rather abruptly

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I have to say that Red Sakura Mansion is one of those games that I have been coming back to over the last few months hoping that something big and new gets added to it. You see, I think that there could be something pretty awesome here, but as I write this the game is still in development, and not a ton of progress has been made yet. I will say that the game is playing heavily on the whole domination style thing so if you find that a bit hard to take, you may want to skip this one!

So, You Have A Mansion

I was actually pretty surprised at how little story there was in Red Sakura Mansion. The basics of what are going on here are that you have a mansion and you decide to do what any sensible person who has a mansion does… fill it with hot chicks to be at your beck and call to have all kinds of nasty sex with! There is very little in the way of story or character progression in this game! I do hope that they flesh the story out as it moves along its development.

If You Build It They Will Cum

Ok, I am sorry for terrible reference there, but I must admit it gave me a chuckle! I have to say that the best thing Red Sakura Mansion has going for it is the fantastic character renders. These are very, very impressive and pretty much any kink that you can think of you can train or force these ladies to be willing to do. If you think of this game as something more of a scene collection, you will probably have a much better time with it. The reason I say this is that the XXX content here is pretty good, although some of it does verge on being a tad too much for me, but if you love your pee play, you may get more of a kick out of it and I say more power to you!

Going From Girl To Girl

When it comes to the gameplay in Red Sakura Mansion, this is a very, very linear style of sandbox game. You have a pretty easy to use UI that I had no problems with and I think that the idea of this being a kind of trainer game is good. However, like I just said, it is more about doing the bare minimum to go from scene to scene than anything else. There is also a bit of grinding here that does feel like it was just added to stop you from seeing all of the XXX content too quickly. Do not get me wrong, I have played a ton of other lewd games with the same gameplay loop, so I am not being too harsh on this game.


I think that there are some pretty neat ideas at play here in Red Sakura Mansion. If you want a game that is just a collection of hardcore, domination style sex scenes, you are probably going to have a really good time with what is on offer here. In that regard, this game is very good and the XXX content is well done and there is a decent amount of it. However, there is next to no story here and the gameplay is also very basic so I could see some people getting pretty bored with what is going on.


  • There is some well done domination content in the game
  • The character renders are very well done
  • There is a decent amount of XXX content
  • The game is still being updated so it could be fleshed out by the time you read this


  • There is not much substance or depth to the gameplay
  • Some of the “kinks” are a bit too much for me

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