Risk Factions

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a game by Stainless Games Ltd.
Platform: PC (2010)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.9/10 - 7 votes
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Risk Factions
Risk Factions
Risk Factions
Risk Factions

Risk: Factions is a top-down strategy game from the developers at Stainless Games Ltd. The game world is divided into 5 factions, which fight for the complete capture of all enemy territories. The player will have to develop the army of the chosen faction and fight the battles with the enemies.


The game is an adaptation of the well-known board game Risk: Global Domination. In addition to the new scenario, a classic game mode is available to players. All actions in the game depend on the dice combination rolled.

The player has to recruit and deploy soldiers as well as perform attacking and defensive manoeuvres during a turn. As the territory expands so does the faction's army. A roll of two sixes doubles the number of enemy soldiers killed. Three sixes give you the chance to kill all the units involved in the battle at once.

Overall the game is similar to other strategy board games and helps develop management and planning skills.

The game features the following factions:

  • Humans. Green. The leader is the patriotic General William P. McGutterpants with his American traits, who always appears in the game with his faithful dog
  • Cats. Yellow. The commander is Generalissimo Meow, dressed in the style of Chinese chiefs. The faction enters the war after an accidental landmine falls on his country
  • Robots. Red. The leader is Commandant SixFour, an artificial intelligence system that has learned to recognise friends and enemies, after which it declares war on all other factions
  • Zombies. Black. The faction is commanded by Colonel Klaus von Stiffenberg, a former human who came to life after using an experimental weapon
  • Yeti. Blue. In the role of leader is Monk Gary, who joined the war after a request for help from a human general

Version Features

There are a variety of objects scattered on the playing field that can affect the battlefield. For example, a dam gives you the ability to flood nearby areas and destroy enemy troops on them.

Mines bring profit, and a volcanic eruption destroys all the units in the vicinity. The developer has endowed the game with a variety of structures, which vary from game to game. This makes every battle truly unpredictable.

There are interesting missions for each arena, completing which the faction receives generous gifts. The player can get an extra die for completing the missions, an airfield to support units in nearby cells and other rewards. Such missions keep the game going for hours, bringing victory closer. When completing three missions, the faction wins, regardless of the territory conquered.

Online play

After playing with artificial intelligence, the player can join an online game. It is possible to start the game either with a specific group of participants or with random opponents. Even if an opponent quits the game in the heat of battle, the process will continue after the allotted time for the turn has expired.


  • Suitable for playing together with friends
  • Simple rules
  • Humorous characters
  • Challenges that make the game unpredictable


  • Few dynamics
  • Possibility of dragging out the battle for hours
  • Lack of local multiplayer

Feel like a doomsayer in a turn-based military strategy game -- Risk: Factions. Rely not only on your wits, but also on the goodwill of Lady Luck. Become the ruler of the world or take away the last coins of the townsfolk to win - it's up to you.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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