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a game by Ultra Soft
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 6.1/10, based on 6 reviews
User Rating: 5.0/10 - 2 votes
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Lace up your skates and hit the streets. But watch out though. There are some pretty mean dudes out there. Like judo masters, skateboard thugs and motorcycle maniacs! Not to mention all the hazards on the road! You command three teams of fellow skaters and must go up against the enemies who rule the streets. Fight through 6 stages of horizontal and vertical scrolling action.

People say:


Rollergames is segmented in the same manner as any of Konami's blockbusters, with great graphics, smooth scrolling and Bosses. What the game lacks, however, is a sense of purpose. It ends up short, with little of the Double Dragon-style action it is trying for.


Kung fu on skates. It's an idea that hasn't been overworked yet and Konami has done a decent job in making an OK game out of it. The obstacles in the road add variety and there are enough opponents to work off all the frustrations that have been building up.


I'm not a fan of the show and I was expecting a boring skate around the rink, punch & kicker but instead you are treated to a variety of backgrounds ranging from cities to jungles. Great graphics and sound don't hide the control problems which take away from the game. Only average.


Rollerskate TV show gone berserk! More than enough challenge to keep it interesting, but this is definitely not Mr. Rogers neighborhood!! The graphics are good, and blinking ONLY occurs when the characters talk!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: ULTRA
  • Machine: Nintendo Entertainment System

Every time people get together to have a little fun, someone comes along and ruins it.

This time it's V.I.P.E.R. (Vicious International Punks and Eternal Renegades) that has crashed the ever-popular RollerGames and turned a fun competition into a blood bash. The games' commissioner, Emerson "Skeeter" Bankhead, has been captured by the roller fiends and is being held until V.I.P.E.R. gets the games' award money, which they plan to use to finance a terrorist operation.

In RollerGames, a sort of Double Dragon on skates, you play a member of the Thunderbirds, the Hot Flash or the Rockers as you attempt to rid the city of rolling renegades and, of course, rescue Emerson Bankhead.

At the start of each level, you choose which team you want to play.

Each team has its own set of attributes and "patented punishment technique". Will you need Ice Box's slow yet methodical skating? Or is Rolling Thunder, with her lightning maneuvers, more suited to your plans? How about California Kid, with his powerful two-stage kick? Choose your character based on your video-game skills and the level you're about to play.

As you search out the V.I.P.E.R. meanies, you'll skate through six challenging stages: downtown, night highway, automobile processing plant, regional freeway, Jungle River and Viper's Pit. In each location, your skating skills will be taxed to their limit as you try to avoid various obstacles, including ramps, pits, oil drums, needles, crumbling roads and radioactive sewage. In addition, dropping platforms, rolling logs and flame throwers add to the excitement.

But you'll contend with more than just a few obstacles. You'll also battle the V.I.P.E.R. thugs, who attack from hidden alleys and from behind doors. As with most fighting games, each type of enemy attacks in a different way. Plan to lock wheels with Maniacs, Violators and Bad Attitudes, as well as the team leaders, Lucy Ferball, Guru Drew and Skull Scraper. Also helping V.I.P.E.R. with its nefarious plans are different types of groupies, such as moon doggies, birds of parasites, roller punks, moto-crushers, fish faces and others.

Don't plan to find and use a lot of fancy weapons. In RollerGames it's just you, your skates and your fists (and sometimes your feet and elbows) against the bad guys. Pure skating and punching skill are required to turn the RollerGames back into the sport it was meant to be.

In summary, RollerGames, with its interesting blend of game genres and competent graphics, will please most NES players. Although it won't wheel everyone over, it's sure to provide many hours of skating shenanigans.

You'll be begging for mercy even before you lace your skates. Because Ultra's RollerGames for Nintendo hurls you into a 21st Century, all-out avalanche of inhuman punishment. Where crime is a sport and danger never takes a time out. All thanks to V.I.RE.R. (Vicious International Punks and Eternal Renegades) who've kidnapped the RollerGames commissioner and twisted three teams into tools of destruction.

Now they've devised six invincible levels of dastardly death traps for you and your own three teams of skate dudes to conquer. So take the fight to the streets, the sewers, the junkyards, the highways and the parks. Just be sure you can dodge open manholes, careening logs, and fire spouts. Race past man-eating dogs, runaway trucks and armed choppers. And duke out judo masters, skateboard thugs and motorcycle madmen. Because if you can't, you might as well melt your ball bearings into a silver platter and hand over the city to V.I.RE.R.

  • Machine: Nintendo

It's a sports-crazy world. Even though it's possible to turn on the TV at nearly any hour and catch some type of athletic event, people just can't seem to satisfy their appetite for sports action.

But sports fans will become even more frantic in the world of the future. In the next century, professional athletics will be dominated by a dangerous new sport - RollerGames. These are roller derbies raced and fought outside an arena.

In Ultra's RollerGames, the contests take place in six different locales, including an urban landscape, an automobile factory, and (in an amazing leap of distance) a tropical jungle.

Your ultimate destination is the headquarters of VIPER (Vicious International Punks and Eternal Renegades). As with all professional sports, great sums of money are at stake. VIPER has a catastrophic plan for seizing the mountains of prize money.

First, they've kidnapped the RollerGames commissioner, who's now powerless to stop VIPER from corrupting the tournament. Also, three RollerGames teams have been enlisted to help VIPER do its dirty work. Along with their foul play, you'll have to contend with such unexpected dangers as flame jets, sinkholes, and oil slicks.

Fortunately, you have three unique skaters at your command. Each specializes in a certain type of rolling warfare. As team captain, you decide who skates when, depending on which skills you need in different areas.

Another pleasing feature of RollerGames is its two types of scrolling. Most of the stages let you move in eight different directions, and the screen scrolls accordingly. These stages have a time limit, and the emphasis is on removing enemies. Two stages, however, automatically scroll to the right. Speed and maneuvering take on greater importance in those sections.

It's easy to get started with RollerGames, and it's quite enjoyable to play. The graphics don't hold any surprises, but they don't obscure the fun, either. The two types of scrolling help keep the action lively.

Whether you're interested in the skating or the fighting, RollerGames gives you plenty of both - plus a playing season that lasts as long as you like.

V.I.R.E.R., a vicious terrorist gang, has infiltrated Roller Games -- the hottest sport around in the 21st century. These nastiest have corrupted several Roller Games teams and abducted the commissioner. Things don't look good unless you and your team of red hot skaters can stop V.I.P.E.R.

Rules of the Game

Skate into the middle of non-stop, one player arcade-style action, sort of a Double Dragon on wheels! Four stages scroll vertically and horizontally, and two stages auto-scroll left to right. You choose from three teams of skaters -- the Thunderbirds, the Hot Flash, and the Rockers -- each suited to beat a particular stage.

You step into the skates of the star of each team. Each star skater can punch, jump, jump-kick, and use a special Patented Punishment Move.


  • The star of the Hot Flash is Rolling Thunder. She can jump farther than any other skater. Ice Box, star of the Thunderbirds, packs some punch. The Rockers' California Rid has ability in between the other two.
  • You can only use three special moves per area against middle or end bosses. Hit A and B simultaneously.

A skater's life bar is replenished at the end of each area. Begin with three lives and earn extras at 20,000, 50,000, and 80,000 points. The game features an endless continue option which puts you back at the beginning of the stage where you died. To defeat each stage your skater has to skate hard and fast, and leap over, dodge, or destroy all obstacles -- anything from oil spills and racing greyhounds to bad guys and gals from the three evil teams.

Skating the Stages

Here's a sneak peek at what lies ahead. In Stage 1, Downtown, skate through the mean city streets as you battle bad guys known as the Bad Attitude.

Avoid the Billy "Bomb" Barders in Stage 1-2 by skating alongside of the sidewalk. They can't touch you!

Stage 2 is the first auto-scrolling stage. Watch for barrels, bikers, bombs, and everything but the kitchen sink.

  • In the laser field keep jumping and you'll avoid most of the blasts.
  • At the end of the Stage 2 there's a chopper that drops bombs. Stay to the back rail of the freeway and you'll just have to jump a few bombs.

You're smack in the middle of an Automobile Processing Plant in Stage 3. The Maniacs rule here and they're one mean mob. You'll have to dodge everything from oil slicks to wrecking balls.

  • Stage 3 requires lots of jumping. The Hot Hash is a good team here.
  • In Stage 3-2 time your jumps across platforms with pipes carefully to avoid torrents of sewage.
  • In Stage 3-2 and further on in the game be careful not to bounce off the watts and into oblivion.
  • Beat Stage 3-2's middle bosses by standing next to the door, grabbing them as they come out, and throwing them into the water.
  • At the end of Stage 3 first jump-kick the grey boss four times and then use your Patented Punishment Move on the purple boss.

Stage 4 is an auto-scrolling freeway scene. It's packed with Moon Doggies, Moto-Crushers, Birds of Parasites, and cracks that lead to nowhere.

  • When the roadway splits into two levels take the upper path. It's easier to jump than dodge roiling barrels.
  • Skate along the middle line of the road to avoid the Moto-Crushers and when they pass you dodge up to the back rail of the road to avoid their bombs.
  • Stay in the bottom half of the screen while jumping the barrels thrown by the Muck Truck.

The action gets hot and steamy in Stage 5's Jungle River. The Violators guard this area. You'll also have to dodge rolling logs, Slicky Slides, Bird of Parasites, and Fish Faces.

  • Watch out for birds and bad guys to pop out of the bushes.
  • Skate along the Stage 5-2 wharves slowly or you'll end up in the water.

In Stage 6 you're inside V.I.P.E.R.'s pit. Leap conveyor belts to avoid venomous needle points. The final area features a climactic Double-Dragon style battle with the big boss.

In Stage 6-2 the Hot Flash is best at jumping the tricky conveyor belts.

Get Rolling

If you loved Contra, Super C, Double Dragon, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the Arcade Game, then Roller Games fits your style. Fast and furious arcade action, combined with state-of-the-art "Ultra" graphics, make this a game for action/adventure fans everywhere.

Combine the thrill of a roller derby and the action from a good adventure game and you end up with Rollergames. In this game you must skate your way down the streets of the city jumping over road debris, obstacles and incomplete road segments. You must also manage to fight and punch through judo masters, skateboard thugs and motorcycle madmen in 6 challenging stages of horizontal and vertical scrolling action.

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