Sankaku Renai

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a game by ASa Project
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
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Sankaku Renai
Sankaku Renai
Sankaku Renai

Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle Trouble is one of the funniest lewd visual novel games I have played in a while. If you enjoy visual novels and you have an interest in otaku culture, this is the game that you need to play. To see all the game has to offer you are looking at around 20 hours and I would wager that you will get so connected to these characters that you will want to see all of the paths the game has to offer.

Family Drama

The story of Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle is great, but it does not have a clear ending that it builds towards. Still, I love what was going on here the main part of the story is about a dude called, Sousuke and he is a bit of a nerd and a big player at the otaku club. He has a strong relationship with his half-sister, but things are complicated by his full sister coming to stay due to a family issue.

The Otaku Club

What I like best about this game is the otaku club itself. There is a great cast of characters here and each one has their own personality. Each one has their own otaku interest that comes to the forefront and this is usually how you talk to them, about their main interest. What is best about this is that Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle makes this feel like a real group of friends.

The conversations that they have feel real and the kind of stuff a group of people like this would talk about. It made me want to get to know each character that little bit better which of course adds to the replay value of the game.

Big Eyes, Big Smiles And Big…

The presentation of the game is great. The art here is done very well and I like the realistic look of the characters. The big eyes and facial features are something that I love and in a weird way, it helps add to the humor of the game. As this is an otaku club, the characters will wear different costumes and so on that shows off their fandom and this was something I thought was cool. I do wish there were a few more CGs in the game and a bit more animation as well.

Talking Through It

The sound design of Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle is a bit of a mixed bag. I liked the voice acting and you could really hear the personality coming through. However, the music is not that great at all. I think there are only a couple of music tracks and these seem to repeat over and over again and it can get annoying.

Taking Care Of The Player

If you have played any kind of lewd visual novel game, you will be able to figure out what Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle has going on. You make various choices that will put you on a specific path and that will lead to one of the many different endings. What I think this game does very well is first of all have a great UI that is very clean and easy. Also, it creates these checkpoints at every big decision so replaying stuff is very easy and not frustrating or annoying at all.


I honestly could not tell you how many lewd visual novel games I have played over the years! However, I do feel that Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle is one of the more memorable ones from the recent batch I have had the pleasure to play. I think the whole friend dynamic of this group really is great and makes you want to learn everything you can about the characters. Plus, the very witty sense of humor makes playing through each path a true joy.


  • The otaku club is awesome and I want to join
  • There are many memorable and fun characters
  • The character designs are great
  • I liked how one of the characters would break the fourth wall!


  • It could have done with a bit more animation
  • The music loops the same tracks over and over

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