Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home

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a game by TeamKRAMA
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 11 votes
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Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home
Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home
Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home

I thought the first game was fun and had some good ideas, but Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home looks like they have learned a great deal from that first game. The first thing to note is that while this is in fact a sequel and the cast of characters is the same, the story has no connection to the first game. If you missed out on the first one, let me tell you what kind of game you are dealing with here. This is a first-person shooter that is very heavy on the lewd, but it also has elements of a dating sim and visual novel too!

The End Of The World Can Still Be Sexy

The whole premise of Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home is that there is a zombie apocalypse and you are doing all you can to survive. The twist here is that you have four sexy chicks that are with you and as well as surviving the zombie hordes that keep coming your way. You also want to keep them safe, build a relationship with them, and of course, get laid as much as possible.

Shooting And Screwing

The first game was very basic in terms of what it offered as a first-person shooter and I am happy to say that they have expanded on that here. To start with there is a large selection of weapons, but the gunplay just feels tighter, more responsive, and better in every regard here.

It may not be the deepest first-person shooter you will ever play, but it is certainly a great deal of fun. There are an impressive 8 different stages for you to get stuck into here so it is going to last you longer than you would think.

Girls Still Just Want To Have Fun

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home has more on offer than just first-person shooting action! You have those four girls that you need to try and woo. The way that you do this is back at the base where you can talk to them, give them gifts, and when things are right, you get to have sex with them. The zombies and monsters also want to have sex with them so make sure you watch out for that! There are an impressive number of sex scenes here in the game and it does change things up a great deal when you go from blasting zombie brains all over the screen to trying to be sweet so you can get a hot chick to like you.

The Next Generation!

The first game was fun, but the visuals had the look of a game that was from the previous generation. Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home has had one hell of an upgrade in the presentation department.

To start with the chicks, look amazing and they are animated very well, I love the way that they move and of course, bounce if you know what I am saying. It is more than that though, the whole game looks great from the zombies to the stages to the incredible sex scenes. They really did a fantastic job upgrading what they did with the first game here.


I have to say that if you enjoyed the first game, Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home is going to blow you away. It is offering what the first game did, but it is better in every way that you could possibly imagine. The actual FPS gameplay is better, there is more to do, the dating sim elements are better and the game looks fantastic. If you want a lewd first-person shooter, I am not actually sure that there are many better than this.


  • I love the whole crazy and over the top premise
  • The visuals and animations in this game are great!
  • The shooting feels so much better than it did in the first game
  • The dating sim elements are fun


  • The FPS action is great, but maybe a tad basic for some
  • I wish they went a little deeper with the story

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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