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a game by Octo Games
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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With SEX HELL being in all caps and there being a little devil emoji as part of the title, there was no way that I was scrolling past this game without seeing what it was! This is a lewd first-person shooter, something that we do not see all that often to be honest with you. From the funny title and the fact that this is a genre I love, I decided to put down my five bucks and give this game a try, even with the “mostly negative” review tag that the game had, I thought that I might be able to have some XXX shooting fun with it.

Stuck In Hell

First of all, SEX HELL is not trying to do anything clever when it comes to its story. We play as a person that is stuck in hell and we need to fight our way out, seeing lots of demons getting banged along the way of course. There is pretty much zero story here, but I do kind of dig that the premise of the story is we are trying to fight our way out of hell. I know this has been done in games before, but it is a premise that never gets old. Although, it has been done way better than it has been here that is for sure.

Gunplay, It Is All About The Gunplay

For me, a first-person shooter lives and dies by the way it plays and I hate to say that SEX HELL does not play all that well. The game is not unplayable by any means, but the game is designed in a kind of run and gun, old school Doom kind of way so you have to be nimble as you run around trying to kill the various enemies that are on each stage. The issue is that the controls are so floating, the guns of which there are not a great variety look cool, but they do not have any weight or oomph behind them. You do get used to the controls, but even after an hour, it never felt great to play. There is a bit of exploration here as you need to find these mask looking things to get XXX scenes.

The Devil Inside

The biggest problem that SEX HELL has going for it is not the rather floaty gameplay, but the bugs. There is a reason why many of the reviews you see on Steam will say “product refunded” and that is because each of those first three stages has game breaking bugs in them. I can say firsthand that on each of those stages on more than one occasion, something would happen that would lock me into that stage and not allow me to progress. I d not think I did a run through without having to restart each stage at least once!

Hell Is Hot

Ok, so the story is lacking, the gameplay is ok at best and the game has some major bugs. However, if SEX HELL has some epic XXX content, we can all look past that and just enjoy it for that right? Well, there is a decent amount of XXX content in the game with some neat animated sex scenes with the very hot demon chick from the title getting it on. However, there is a lot of lewd content here that is just basic images! I feel like there should have been way more animated sex scenes, perhaps having multiple sex scenes with the bosses with them being random would have been a good way to encourage more playthroughs of the game!


I would not say that SEX HELL Is the worst game I have played, but I can certainly see why some people asked for their money back. To be fair, I think that the premise is decent and I did get used to the rather floaty controls. There was something old school about the gameplay that I think I would have gotten more into if it was not for those bugs! The frustrating thing is, the game never fully locked up on me where I had to turn it off. I was always able to keep playing, but it would take like 10 or so minutes for me to realize that there was a problem and I was stuck in the level and had to restart!


  • The main demon chick is hot
  • It has a kind of old school vibe about it
  • The XXX content is easy to see
  • For some, it may be a so bad it is good kind of experience


  • The game has more bugs than $10 a night motel!
  • More animated XXX content would have been welcomed

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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