Taboo Request

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a game by ICSTOR
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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Taboo Request
Taboo Request
Taboo Request

Taboo Request is a lewd RPG that is made with RPG Maker and it is one that is all about tackling the more “taboo” kind of love if you know what I am saying. Those who are into this kind of thing will get a kick out of it and to be honest while the taboo subject is not always my cup of tea, I do feel that what they have done here is not as bad or extreme as some of the other games that tackle the same kind of subject.

Your Mom Has Got It Going On

The story in this game is kind of weird even for a game of this style. It starts with you and your buddy Jack are sitting at your computer when all of a sudden you start talking about how hot your mom is. In my day, this was grounds for a punch in the head! However, in Taboo Request, you get into and dive into a discussion with your buddy about how hot your mom is.

You know where the story is going from a mile off and I have to believe that there was a tongue in cheek intention here with the writing and if you go with that, you will probably have a bit of a chuckle over the conversations you and your buddy Jack have. In many ways, it is like how the guys in stuff like Superbad and American Pie talk.

I Shouldn’t, But I Must!

The whole game is about you trying to fight the urge to want to bang your mom, but as she is so hot you feel like you are being drawn to her by some cosmic force! The game has you doing a bunch of other stuff such as walking around the town, delivering papers as part of your job, and talking to pretty much anyone you can come into.

There is no actual combat in this game, but it does keep you fairly busy. I think the lake of stakes are what makes Taboo Request a more “relaxing” kind of lewd game, even with the risqué nature of the plot. The game has some of the worst and I mean worst loading times I have played in a game like this. Just to start the game takes a couple of minutes. This can be very frustrating to deal with.

Old School, But Smooth

As you would expect from an RPG Maker game the style of the game is a top down retro style. I like this and the sprites they have gone for is pretty smooth. The characters actually look pretty good. The town on the other hand is not bad, but it can sometimes be hard to know what you can walk through and what you cannot.

The CG work in the game is very well done. I do wish it was animated fully, but the female characters in this game, especially the mom are very easy on the eyes. The way the characters are so smooth and “big” is something that is very appealing.


I was sure that Taboo Request was not going to be a game for me as the whole mom and son thing is a bit hard to take seriously for me. However, it does it pretty well here and I do think the tone is intentionally trying to be amusing rather than trying to be flat out sexy. The loading times are a major drag, this along with the fact that there are no real stakes in the game make it one that is easy to get into, but also very easy to stop playing.


  • The game has a tongue in cheek vibe to it
  • The girls look pretty hot
  • It is very easy to get into
  • The way you talk to your buddy Jack is funny
  • The game is pretty easy


  • The load times are freaking brutal
  • No real stakes when you are playing

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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