The Scarlet Demonslayer

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a game by Nuko Majin
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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The Scarlet Demonslayer
The Scarlet Demonslayer
The Scarlet Demonslayer
The Scarlet Demonslayer

If you want a well written and engaging lewd RPG, The Scarlet Demonslayer is for you. This is one of the best stories I have experienced in a lewd RPG in quite some time. It is not so much the story, but the fantastic writing of the characters that sets this fantasy epic apart from all the rest. It is a game where the story is so great that it more than makes up for the rather standard RPG gameplay that is on offer here.

Demon Annihilators!

The story of this game is nothing short of epic! Our main character in The Scarlet Demonslayer is called Agnis Flarebyte and she is The Scarlet Demonslayer. She is a smart, powerful, and sext warrior who has this special armor given to her by the gods that makes her a one woman army as she stands up against demonic monsters that threaten her home! However, the evil prime minister has managed to strip her of her power and has plans of his own and now she needs to get those powers back and to save the day one more time!

A Band Of Heroes

While the story of the game is great, the characters and their development in The Scarlet Demonslayer is truly something else. Agnis is not some kind of dumb bimbo. First and foremost, she is a warrior, a leader, and a very strong willed woman. However, she cannot do it all on her own and she has two assistants that go with her on her adventure. The dynamic here is great and of course, there is XXX stuff in the story. However, it is the way the characters interact with each other that truly makes this such an engaging and exciting story that you want to see through all the way until the end!

Standing Strong On Its Own

While The Scarlet Demonslayer is a game that is made with RPG Maker, it is one of the more impressive looking RPG Maker games. It has a very Final Fantasy vibe about the character designs and the game world which was something I thought was great. Agnis is a fantastic looking character, she is hot with big boobs, but she is such a strong willed warrior, you also respect her too. The lewd content in the game does not happen all the time, but that just makes you appreciate it even more when it does. To be honest with you, I am glad that the game does not just go from random sex scene to random sex scene for the sake of it as I think that would cheapen the fantastic story they have here.

Squishing Those Bugs

The Scarlet Demonslayer has a great story that is made even better thanks to the well developed and interesting characters. However, the gameplay here is just okay, it is very, very typical RPG Maker stuff and it is not bad, but there are some bugs that happen more frequently than I would like. Text boxes disappearing, stuff not showing up on screen, and having to restart the game on more than one occasion all happened to me. The core gameplay is basic, but at least it is easy to figure out, you will have to do a bit of grinding, but it never turned me off or felt like it was there to artificially extend the length of the game.


I feel more than comfortable giving The Scarlet Demonslayer such a high score based purely on the fantastic story and characters alone. Yes, the gameplay could have been done with a bit more refinement, especially in the QA aspect. Yet, even with that, this is a game that I know for sure I will go back and play through again as it has three endings and I have only seen one of them!


  • Agnis is one of the best female protagonists I have seen in a game
  • The story is very well written
  • The way the characters interact with each other is very well done
  • The story alone is enough of a reason to play this game


  • The game does have more bugs than I would like
  • It is not the perfect game for those who want lewd scenes at a quick rate

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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