Room Girl

a game by Illusion
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 7 votes
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Room Girl
Room Girl
Room Girl

Brought to us by lewd game masters illusion, Room Girl is a lewd life sim style game that I have spent a lot of time with. I will say that the game is still moving along development, but I think that the game still needs a lot of work as while the bones for a deep and addictive lewd life sim game are here. The game does not have a ton to do right now and that is what I think will make some people lose interest.

Living Your Best Lewd Life!

I have heard some people say that they feel illusion created Room Girl because they wanted to have a kind of “Sims” lewd game going on. I think that is probably the best way to look at what we have here with this game. Once you create your girl (more on that in a second) you are kind of left to it to go about your life, go to work, the casino, head home and so on and you kind of come up with your own story as you play. I would like to see a more specific narrative or at least some specific stories to play through at some point as what is here is quite basic.

There Is No Illusion Here!

One of the things that Illusion does better than most is the character creation. Room Girl has a fantastic character creation suite where you are free to make any kind of girl that you want. What is neat is that you can just jump in and quickly create a girl and then get on with the game. However, the amount of options that this gives you is so vast, that you could easily spend an hour or two coming up with your dream girl. I am not just talking about the basic stuff like boob and butt size! You can play with body morphing to make her exactly the way you want it.

Sex In The City!

I am very impressed with what Illusion has done here in terms of the visuals of Room Girl. The game has a more realistic kind of style to it and the character renders and the world that you are in is well done. While there are not a ton of different locations here, they are varied enough for example the office looks like an office and the casino actually looks like a casino. There is some great lewd content here as well and as we are in control of the babe we have created, they have a more intimate feeling to them which I felt helped get you more invested and connected to the game.

Working 9 To 5

As I write this, I would have to say that Room Girl is still in the idea stage. While you can play the game for a few hours and have a lot of fun doing so, I just feel that the game needs more substance to it to keep players invested longer. You are basically moving your character from one situation to the next and it works and can be fun, but I just wish that there was something more here to make me really get excited about playing around with this hot chick I have created.


I will say that even though Room Girl is a game that I feel needs a fair bit of work and fleshing out, there is still enough here to make it worth your time checking out. I do wish that this was moving along development a bit faster as it feels like the updates have been few and far between. However, if Illusion can flesh this out and add more actual gameplay to it, I think this could easily be one of the top lewd games of the year.


  • This has a very impressive character creation suite
  • It is fun to put your created character in these situation
  • This has an open world vibe to the gameplay which has a lot of potential
  • Even in this unfinished state, the visuals are very well done


  • The game really needs more content
  • While the lewd content is great, like the gameplay, it needs more of it!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Room Girl is one of the most ambitious lewd games to be released this year. Now, as I write this the game is not yet fully complete, but I feel that I have spent more than enough time with the game to give a decent opinion of what it is like.

The comparisons to the Honey Select series of games are unavoidable, but I feel that illusion has done something very, very special with this game and it could end up being one of the biggest lewd games of the last few years.

Living It Up In The City

The whole premise of Room Girl is that we create our dream girl and then help her live her dream life in the city. From what I saw, the game is designed to be a kind of life simulator as far as the story goes with the NPCs going about their business and doing their own thing which can also interact and have an effect on you. It is pretty interesting stuff and very ambitious that is for sure. However, those who are wanting a more narrative driven kind of experience may be thrown off a tad.

She Sure Is Stacked!

What I spent most of the time with when I was playing Room Girl was the character creation. The attention to detail here is just insane. I am not just talking about making a chick with big boobs and a Nicki Minaj style butt! Although you could do that, you can get in and tweak so many little things ranging from the thickness of her thighs, the style of her hair, her lips, and everything. I have already seen some very impressive characters that people have created with this game.

City Life With The City Folk

The gameplay of Room Girl sees you just trying to live your best life. There are different parts of the city that you can go to in addition to being in your own home. The clinic, the casino, the office, and so on are just a few of the places where I spent some time at. From what I understand, more places will be added to the map as the game moves along development, but in the time, I spent with the game. I never felt like I was longing for a new area or some kind of new situation to pop up. I have heard some people say that there is not actually much to do in the game. However, I feel that this is the game that kind of leaves you to it and wants you to find your own path/story in the game.

Cutie With The Curls!

Visually, Room Girl is a game that is very impressive. I am sure it will be polished up a bit more as it moves along with its development and that is great. However, I was very impressed with how bright and colorful things were. The characters have a somewhat realistic look to them that I dig and the lewd content that I did come across in the game (which admittedly was not as much as I would have liked) was impressive and gives me great hope for this game in the future.


While I did have a lot of fun with Room Girl and I will certainly come back each time there is a new update released for the game. However, if I am being 100 percent honest, I can see why there are some people that the game is not clicking for. You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves with the character creation suite and spend some serious time with it in order to get the best out of it. Also, while I liked being left to my own devices as I played around in the world, I can see why some want more direction.


  • The number of options when it comes to character creation is crazy
  • You can pretty much create any woman that you want
  • I liked how the gameplay was very open and let you do what you want
  • I am sure the updates for this game will make things even better


  • The game is a tad on the empty side right now
  • I wish that I saw more lewd content while I was playing

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