Transport Giant: Down Under

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a game by JoWood Ebensee
Platform: PC
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Transport Giant: Down Under
Transport Giant: Down Under
Transport Giant: Down Under
Transport Giant: Down Under

Despite the colourful characters that inhabit the former open-air prison and the alien wildlife that exists there, very few games are ever set in the land where beer does flow and men chunder. In fact, this first add-on for what was on release a markedly average Transport Tycoon wannabe must surely be the first (if it isn't, don't bother writing in to complain).

Strange thing is, the idea works because the Australian transport system - or lack of - makes for quite a challenging setting, simply because it's evolved in isolation from a world where the railroad has been dominant. We're talking 50ft 'land trains' that would put the Yorkies up any English trucker who considers his rig of impressive size. Then there are the flying doctors, inhospitable mining outposts set miles from anywhere and crocodile farms, all of which have been included.

But of course, Down Under is still an expansion for a game made enjoyable only through recent patches. Despite the automation of some tasks and added realism through the recent train signalling system, the interface still isn't as natural or as powerful as it could be. And the music offers the stock mix of blues and duff reggae with not a didgeridoo to be heard. After a few hours you might just as well be planning a route through Newfoundland as New South Wales.

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