Tribes Vengeance

a game by Sierra
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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The next generation of action shooters has arrived. Starsiege Tribes brilliantly blends the action elements of Quake II with the squad-based strategies of Rainbow Six.

Team Spirit

Tribes was built exclusively for multiplayer gaming. Up to 32 players battle as a member of one of four futuristic clans fighting to keep their homelands. Tribes' gameplay options range from standard Capture the Flag contests to funky variations like Find and Retrieve.

Everyone can suit up with a custom array of armor and weaponry, but it's the role you choose that counts. You may want to be Mr. Fixit and repair busted generators for a while, or you may want to be the leader of a strike-force team. Each tribe can select a commander to run the show, or players can band together like rabid wolves.

Look Of The Future

Tribes' glitch-free graphics are awesome with seamless integration of the indoor and outdoor worlds, excellent weather effects, switchable on-the-fly first- and third-person views, and surprising compatibility with low-end, non-3Dfx systems. The explosion effects roar, while hot keys enable you to chat with your teammates through pre-recorded sound clips. Quakers will immediately ease into the responsive, customizable controls.

Tribes' seemingly effortless balance between structure and mayhem makes it instantly accessible, yet satisfyingly action at its best.


  • Repair backpacks can be used on ailing teammates as well as on busted equipment and vehides.
  • Assign one team member to buy and install turrets around your base (and your flag) at the beginning of every match.
  • Always use the Favorites system at the inventory stations. It lets you equip specific gear setups in one dick, which saves precious load time for other teammates.
  • You can zoom in with any gun, but it's crucial to do so with the laser rifle and slow, long-distance projectiles like mortars and disc launchers.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

In the world of first-person shooters, Tribes: Vengeance sits squarely in the middle. The game offers up a robust single-player campaign, fast-paced mutliplayer action and enough variety to keep you playing for quite awhile- but it doesn't do much to make you realize it's from 2004.

The single player campaign is rich in story-telling and characters, allowing you to play from a variety of perspectives. You play through the game as two princesses, Phoenix tribesmen, and an assassin as the story flips and slips through time and location. The different characters both help make the plot seem more original and makes game play more interesting as you take on the different roles. Although the story isn't the most original, the varied maps and solid game mechanics will pull you through the entire single-player half of the game before you realize it.

Fortunately, the game's multiplayer options have considerably more to offer. The game's 15 maps support up to 32 players and have a handful of modes. Like in past Tribes, survival in the game is based a great deal on your ability to master the jetpacks and skiing. Skiing in Tribes: Vengeance is strictly a non-snow affair. You zoom up in the air on a jet pack blast and then hit a down hill slope with your frictionless boots, sliding down a valley and then back up the other side. If you hit the jet pack again at the right time you can really fly.

The teams in multiplayer Tribes: Vengeance start off in their own bases. The bases consist of inventory stations for armor and weapons, turrets, radar, power and vehicle-spawning areas. It's the need to attack and defend these items that make the game so much fun. Instead of running around shooting each other, this game requires you to formulate some sort of tactics. The modes also help spice the game up a bit. The game has five modes: capture the flag, rabbit, ball and fuel. Rabbit is basically a form of keep-away, ball is a sort of sport game where you have to score by tossing a ball through a goal, and in fuel has you retrieving fuel canisters from a central location. The only problem with mulitplayer mode is that it's not much different from its predecessors. There are some tweaks, but they are minor like the fact that vehicles are no longer ordered, they just automatically appear. The game is fun enough, and does offer up new maps, but not much else new.

Tribes: Vengeance is a short-lived but creative single player game and lengthy but mundane multiplayer one. This game is worth buying if you are a fan of the franchise, but don't expect a whole lot of new.