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Half-Life 2

I should take a moment to talk about the gravity gun. This is the coolest feature in the game, and in fact, may be the coolest in any game ever.

Empire Earth: Art of Conquest Expansion

Space combat is also quite disappointing, behaving almost exactly like sea combat.

Diablo: Hellfire

The story centers around the demon Na-Krul, one of Diablo's cronies who is tired of being an underling and wants to branch out into his own brand of tyranny over the poor besieged town of Tristram.

3-D Ultra Radio Control Racers

You know how some trends seem to be circular in nature? Take fashion and music from the 70’s.

Joint Task Force

Most of the time, I'm of the mind that gameplay is what really sells any given title.

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

So, you still want to be a hero? Well, come visit Silmaria on the beautiful Grecian-style island of Marete.

Red Baron 2

When I was sixteen years old I went on a trip that very much changed my life.

NASCAR Racing 4

Papyrus has produced a series of racing simulations that are arguably the most realistic in gaming.

Grand Prix Legends

Once upon a time, auto racing consisted of just that -- no beer commercials, no corporate sponsors, no aerodynamics -- just hard, fast, dangerous driving.

Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza

You play John McClane in this oddly dated return to the 1988 hit film but frankly, this first person shooter really doesn't bring much to the genre.

Viper Racing

So let's take some people out of the highly successful Papyrus Racing Group and have them form their own development group.

3-D Ultra Minigolf Deluxe

If you’re like me, your experience with computer minigolf meant top-down views taking angles and velocity into account in an attempt to get the small dot (ball) onto the bigger dot (hole).

Lords of the Realm II

Strategy games tend to focus on either micromanagement or massive battles, and no matter which one the game tends to focus on, the other almost always suffers.

Robert E. Lee, Civil War General

As the smoke settles, you see them crossing the ridge. Dressed in the blue uniforms of the Union army, the well-supplied troops take the hill and dig in for defense.

No One Lives Forever

It is not that I found this game particularly bad; it just felt too routine for my tastes.

EarthSiege 2

Two tremendous artillery rigs crest the hill and begin to pour fire down on what remains of my squadron.

Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance

Wanted: One leader to rule the realms of Anuire. Travel to distant realms in search of treasure and influence.

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

At first, they were just words -- rumors of things barely understood. Words without any connection to the magical world you know, but heavy with mystery.

Poseidon: Zeus Official Expansion

After overthrowing the powers that be, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon divvied the world up.

Stay Tooned

You're a couch potato ... but maybe you already knew that.


RAMA, by Sierra, is an exciting science fiction adventure game based upon the RAMA series by Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee.

Outpost 2: Divided Destiny

Sierra Dynamix has produced a real slug fest. That's slug, as in the snail without a shell.

Pro Pilot '99

Pro Pilot '99 allows you to fly the Cessna Skyhawk 172P and the newer 172R models; the Beechcraft Bonanza V35.


I must say from the outset that I approached this game with more than a little skepticism, because I have never been a fan of 2D side-scrolling platform "run-jump-and-shoot" games.

Professional Bull Rider

As a kid living in the cornfields of Iowa, I had the opportunity to ride a few horses and some cattle.

Die Hard: Vendetta

If there's one movie franchise that's due for a good videogame counterpart, it's the Die Hard series.

Leisure Suit Larry's Casino

Leisure Suit Larry is at it again, except this time he has a new twist. He is in Vegas and is having a ball.

3D Ultra Lionel TrainTown

There are a total of seventy-two “missions” or puzzles for you to complete ranging from very easy to very difficult with everything in-between.

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way

There are tons of good first-person shooters out there, especially this year, but few of them have managed to mingle a good, solid game with an interesting and really quite amusing plot, until now.

3-D Ultra NASCAR Pinball

If the screenshots haven't already made it obvious, let me be perfectly clear: Although it may appeal to racing fans, THIS IS NOT A RACING GAME.

Lords of Magic

Now Urak is in dire need of help. With Balkoth free, the temples are overrun with the power of Darkness, and the land begs for a savior to return it to its former glory.

NASCAR Racing 1999

The green flag is waved and the race is underway. You are driving the car that is faved at this speedway.

NASCAR Racing 2002 Season

NASCAR Racing 2002 Season is racecar veteran Papyrus' latest offering in the genre that they know best.

Austin Powers: Operation Trivia

Dr. Evil has captured Austin Powers yet again and could easily kill him, but as usual he’s concocted an overly complex scheme to destroy him.

Power Chess

Power Chess is the culmination of a long history of chess games that have ranged from Radio Shack hand-held computer chess games to IBM’s Deep Blue.

Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars

What do you think of when you hear the word “corporate?” Dull meetings and boring memos?


In the 29th century, humankind thrives under the Great Human Empire. On Mother Earth, the Immortal Emperor Petresun has ruled for more than 175 years.

Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

It's an intriguing story: a young girl has been mauled by a wolf near Gabriel Knight's ancestral home in Bavaria, and Gabriel is asked to find out why.

Mission Force Cyberstorm

u've just been hired as a mercenary/manager/Han Solo type to command a group of HERCs sound familiar?

Pro Pilot

Why is it that Microsoft always has direct competition to claim the title of a definitive application?