Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

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a game by Sierra
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within
Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within
Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within
Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

Part Two

This month we complete our walk through the Black Forest with nothing to aid us but a noble heart and a pocketful of silver bullets. Read on to find out how to get Gabriel and Grace through this adventure in one piece...

Chapter 5

Go to Marienplatz and walk left to the sausage shop. Click on the shopkeeper, then on the white sausage. Use your wallet to pay. Walk right to the Hunt Club. Click on one of the chairs in the main room then on the magazine to get your tape cassette. Go to Ubergrau's office and collect and read the letter from Grace.

Ask Ubergrau about missing persons, then use the Von.Zell tape on him. Go to the police station and talk to Leber about everything. Click the Von Zell tape on him. Click on the desk, then on the ledger in the close-up. Take the train to Buchenau and talk to the man behind the door. Return to Ubergrau's office, ask him about cash, then go back to Buchenau. Give him the cash and get as much information out of him as you can by asking him questions. Move down the screen and click on the last cage on the right. Now click on the straw in the lower-right portion of the cage. Use the sausage on the tiger. Pick up the wolf tags from the straw. Go back to the Hunt Club where you'll be taken off to the hunting lodge.

Hunting Lodge

Enter the hallway and then the second door from the front on the left-hand side of the hall. Speak to Von Aigner to find out what he knows. Leave and then enter the third door from the front on the right-hand side of the hall. Open the wardrobe and get the black rope. Open the window and look down to see the ledge below. Use the rope on the ledge. Move to the middle window and enter Von Zell's room. Find the appointment book and examine it. Click on the piece of paper tucked behind the pages. Read the letter. Enter the bathroom and click on the rug for a close-up. Examine the edge of the footprint, then click on the revealed footprint. Leave the room via the window and go back the way you came. Return to the hall and then go downstairs to the Great Room. Open the wardrobe and get the lantern. Talk to Hennemann.

Go back upstairs and enter Kling-mann's room, which is the bottom-left door. Use the wolf tags on him. Go back downstairs and get the matches from above the fireplace. Leave the building and enter the stable. Click on the tool rack on the right and then pick up the shears. Leave the stable and move right. Click on the bare patch of ground to find and examine the paw print. Exit close-up and go right again. Go down two screens. Examine the muddy patch to discover yet another paw print.

Now use the shears on the hedge to uncover the entrance to a cave. Move through the entrance on the left of the back wall into the darkened area. Look around until you find the pit, then use the matches and the lantern to find out the exact source of the nasty noises. Move 'up' twice, then go left twice to get back to the lodge. Go upstairs and enter the door to the bottom-right. Talk to Von Glower about what you've seen. Save your game at this point, as you will be reloading!

Go north then return. Use the Ritter talisman on the werewolf and it will back off. Quickly follow the wolf and repeat the trick with the talisman. You must use the talisman to force the wolf off each screen while you pursue it until you finally reach the ravine area - but don't follow it to the south in the first few screens or you'll die; just wait until the beast returns, then force it away again in a different direction. Eventually Von Glower will appear and throw you a gun. Use the gun on the wolf.

Chapter 6

Move down and examine Gabriel. Exit from the dungeon and go to the post office. Read the letter from Von Glower. Go to the Gasthof and pinch a roll from the basket on the table. Talk to Mrs Smith about everything. Return to the castle bedroom and pick up a pillowcase from the bed. Go back to the dungeon. Use the bread roll and the pillowcase to capture the pigeon. Go to Altotting and enter the church. Examine the display case on the wall and read the sign. Move right and enter the priest's office. Use your purse on the basket with the water to get a bottle. Drive to Neuschwanstein Castle and go to the living room. Move down one screen then return to see the badly-behaved child. Wait until the guard has gone, then click on the chair.

Click the bottle of water on the chair. While the guard is busy trying to clean things up you can go up and left into the bedroom. Examine the lower section of the wall behind where the guard normally stands to find a secret panel containing a scroll. Go to the grotto and examine the wall on the left to locate another concealed scroll. Go to the singer's hall then exit down to the far end of the hall. Use the pigeon on the doorway to the left, which will release it and bring the guard. Go back to the top end of the hall and look again at the wolf painting. Examine the wall behind where the guard was standing to find the third concealed manuscript.

Return to the crypt at St Georg's church. Click on Wolfgang's coffin, then on the lid. then on the silver heart. Go back to Schloss Ritter and talk to Gerde about the silver heart. Go back to St Georg's and take the silver heart.

Drive back to Altotting and talk to the priest. Use the silver heart on him and you'll be taken to the shrine. Examine the display case on the right-hand side of the room, and the doorway further to the right. Use the silver heart on the basket on the right-hand side of the altar. Move right and open the doors, allowing the wind to blow out all the candles. Use the chair beside the display case then select the bottom-left urn to get Ludwig's diagram. You will now be whisked off to see Georg, and to give him the opera. Click on the table to get a programme, then examine the opera poster. Exit 'down', then right, and right again. Go to the door at the end of the hall and enter the office. Examine the bulletin board and pick up the seating chart. Take the opera glasses and the To do' list. Read the list. Talk to Gabriel. Leave the office then go down and into the auditorium through the large open doors. Talk to Georg, then talk to the chandelier man. Look at the theatre diagram in your inventory. Click on the 'x'. Look at the seating chart and point to the spot where the 'x' was. Go out of the auditorium, back to the opera poster, up the open stairs, and click on the double doors to enter the Mittelloge.

Exit back to the hallway and move right, then go to the door at the end of the hall. Look through the small window into the auditorium. Turn on the spotlight then click on the handle to move it. Move the beam until it's shining exactly over the Mittelloge. Go back to the foyer and use the seating chart on the usher. Go right and through the door with the steps leading up. Get the rope from the back wall. Go downstairs to the basement. Move right, then open the panel to get the keys.

Go left, then down. Click on the left door to find the prop room. Go left, pick up the 'privat' sign, then go back through the door you entered and lock it with the keys. Go right three times, then down twice to find the furnace room.

Open the furnace door. Use the coal in the bin on the right to shovel some in. Click on the furnace controls, first on the 'Automatisch' button, then on the handle. Turn the handle all the way to hoch. Go left through the door, then right into the foyer. Return to the office and examine Gabriel. Wear the evening dress then return to the spotlight room. Look through the little window, then use the opera glasses on Mittelloge. Go upstairs to the central hallway, click on Mittelloge doors. Lock the doors using the rope on the handles, then put the 'privat' sign on as well.

With Gabriel back in charge move left, then move the chest aside to reveal an air vent. Use the dagger to remove the vent. Climb inside the open vent and travel north, north, then west to appear backstage. Click on the right-hand side of the back wall to find a reel of sticky tape. Go through the right-hand door into the dressing room. Wear the minstrel costume from the clothes rack. Examine the dressing table. Click on the face powder. Quickly click on the dressing table again and use the powder on the mirror. Exit close-up, and quickly hide behind the changing screen before Englehart appears. Use the tape on Englehart to tie him up. You are now transformed into a wolf and so is Von Glower. Save your game position.

The trick now is to close off the doors in the basement to prevent the black wolf escaping. You can close the doors, but you can't open them again. However, by closing the correct doors you can force Von Glower into the furnace room where he can be destroyed.

Turn right. Go forward twice. Turn left twice, and close the door. Turn right, go forward. Turn left twice, close the door. Turn right twice, then forward twice. Turn left twice, close the door. Turn right, go forward. Turn left, close the door. Turn right, forward once. Turn left, go forward once. Turn left again, go forward once. Turn left twice, close the door. Turn left, close the door. Turn left, go forward, turn left twice, close the door. Turn left, go forward. Turn right, go forward, close the door in front of you. Turn left, go forward, turn right, go forward. Turn right, go forward three times. Turn right, go forward twice. Save game.

Go forward into the furnace room. Click on Grace. Click on the furnace door to open it. Click on the grey wolf. Get ready for Von Glower to leap. When the black wolf crosses over the furnace, click on him to push him inside.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

For every half-decent game that's ever made, you can be sure that there will be a sequel to follow it. This particular one is the follow-up to Gabriel Knight, a rather excellent adventure that featured the considerable talents of Tim Curry, who provided a very convincing voice-over for the main character. If you liked the first one, you may well be looking at the screenshots here and thinking, "Oh no, they've only gone and totally ruined it with lots of crap fmv." And who could really blame you? Well relax everyone, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about Gabriel Knight 2 (Sierra don't use his name in the title anymore, they just describe it as a Gabriel Knight mystery, but here at Zone we call it what is, so there). The first thing to go under the microscope is the all-important plot, which is what made Gabriel Knight so engrossing in the first place...

The man who cried wolf

Let's start with a brief recap of what happened in episode one, shall we? Gabriel Knight, an unsuccessful horror writer, starts to investigate a series of killings in New Orleans which seem to be related to a local voodoo cult. To cut a long story short, he gets to the bottom of the murders, takes on (and defeats) the voodoo cult, and along the way discovers he has German relatives who inform him that there is a long line of Schattenjagers (shadow/witch hunters) in the family. After successfully passing several tests, Gabriel ends up being a Schattenjager himself.

At the start of the second game, a long FMV-tastic intro shows Gabriel being approached by the parents of a young girl who has been murdered. The police stupidly come up with the wrong culprits, believing that two wolves who have just escaped from the local zoo are responsible; the villagers know better and say, "Bollocks to that, it's a bloody werewolf mate." Naturally Gabriel, in his new role of Schattenjager, is asked to investigate the murder. As he's such an accommodating chap he agrees to spend some time on the parents' farm (the scene of the crime) to see if he can find out what's going on. Upon visiting the place where the girl was killed, he finds some wolf hair and a bloody great footprint in the grass. Hmm, suspicious or what? As he ponders the meaning of all this, so your adventure begins.

A game of two halves

The game is played over six chapters (it comes on six cds). You mostly control Gabriel's movements; the rest of the time you control Grace, his voluptuous (and tempestuous) assistant at his book shop in New Orleans. For each character you have a map showing the places you can go to; the number of locations open to you at any one time varies depending on what you've done in the game.

At the beginning of chapter 1 you are in control of Gabriel. Most of this chapter is spent trying to get into the wolves enclosure at the local zoo, but none of the geezers at the zoo will let you anywhere near them.

Chapter 3 sees the return of Gabriel and this is when you start to get an idea of where the whole thing's taking you. Gabriel gets into a hunting club and discovers that the club members have a rather unusual interest: all they ever want to talk about is wolves, wolves, and more bloody wolves. I don't want to give too much of the plot away here, suffice to say that one of the blokes at the club turns out to be a werewolf and it's up to you and Gabe to sort him out.

Poor oP Chris was in a right tizzy when he reviewed this last month. Although he'd been playing it for an absolute age he still hadn't got to some of the very far levels of the game (it's a bloody big one. this). Now that he's played it some more (and played it and played it and played it) he tells us that it actually improves quite significantly as time goes on.

The game originally got quite a whopping score of 88% when reviewed, making it more than worthy of a PC recommended award, but the thinking now is that it could well deserve more. Jeesh... this is a rare one. It's not often that we look back and say that something deserves a higher score.

The game has been out for about a month now, so if you've been after a new adventure and have seen this in the shops and have thought twice about it... well. er... don't. It's bloody good, and by far the best Sierra adventure game in a long time. After the travesty that was Phantasmaboriusnoria. it seems that they've bounced back and gone and produced another classic.

Chapter 1

Open the duffel bag and pick up the letters, wallet, and dagger that are in it. Walk over to the desk; click on the newspaper to read it. and then click on it again in inventory to make out some words. Take the car keys from the hook next to the door. Click on the note on the wall to read it. Read the letters in your inventory. Now write a letter to Grace using the stationary on the desk. Move outside then go right, to the edge of the forest. Click on the ground and pick up the hairs. Investigate the ground beside the water trough to find a paw print. Enter the barn, pick up the cement and use it to make a cast of the paw print. Return and get the cast.

Use the car keys on the car to drive to Thalkirchen. Look at the wolf sign. Click on the wolves, then grill the zoo worker for information. Go left and talk to Klingmann to find out all he knows. Return to Lochham farm. You must now use the tape controls to make up a new tape containing Klingmann's voice saying; "Thomas? Herr Doktor Klingmann here. Show our wolves to Mr Knight." To do this, select the tape labelled 'Kling-mann', and then click on the 'Load A' button. Click on any blank tape, then click on the 'Load B' button. Click on the 'splice' button. Now select the words you need from the Klingmann speeches. Click on the 'transfer' button, then exit the tape recorder.

Return to the zoo. Search Klingmann's coat and you'll find a receipt. Select the Klingmann splice tape from your inventory and click it on the walkie-talkie which is laying on the desk. Go to the wolf pen and speak with Thomas. Click on the wolfs tag. then on the wolf to get a few hairs. Return to the farm. Examine Klingmann's receipt, then use it on the mirror to get a new address. Take the car to Marienplatz. Move left, then enter the doorway on the left, and go into Ubergrau's office. Talk to him on every subject and then leave. Take the underground train to the University. Use both the wolf hair from the farm and the wolf hair from the zoo on the lab technician. Finally, give him the paw print cast; when you try to leave you'll be given an evidence report.

Return to Marienplatz, then go right. Move to the end of the street then turn the corner onto Dienerstrasse. There is a post office on the right-hand side of the street. Use your letter to Grace on the post office door. Move up the street and find the Hunt Club number '54'. Tell the receptionist that you're an avid hunter. Go back to Ubergrau's office and ask him for the family papers. While Ubergrau is searching for the documents take the underground train to Prinzregentplatz and waste your time talking to a bad-tempered policeman. Return to Ubergrau's office and pick up the papers, which should be ready for you. Walk again to the Hunt Club and claim that you are from a prominent German family. Use the family papers on Xavier.

Chapter 2

You are now happily in Grace's pants -yeah right, you wish! Go to the main hall and discuss everything with Gerde. Leave the castle and find the Gasthof building. Talk to the barman. Leave and go to the two blue doors nearby. Click on the window on the blue door on the left and speak with Herr Habermas. Have a talk about it all then return to the castle bedroom. Examine the fireplace and pick up the screwdriver. Examine the hole on the fireplace wall. Use the screwdriver on the hole to open a secret panel inside the closet. Open the closet and then go through the secret passageway. Turn right, to enter Gerde's room. Pick up the key which is hanging just inside the door of the closet. Go back to Gabriel's bedroom and use the key on the locked door. Click on the middle stack of the books (the occult bookshelf) and read both the werewolf lore book and the letter to Ludwig.

Examine the far right shelves to get and read Christian Ritter's journal. Sit at the desk and use Professor Barclay's card on the phone. Examine the left column of books. Return to the Gasthof building and talk to the barman about Ludwig. Leave and talk to Herr Habermas about everything, and he will take you to the dungeon. Now examine the dungeon window. Click on the church in the window close-up. Exit to the courtyard and talk to Herr Habermas -again he will give you a note. Go to the church and give the note to the priest. Return to Herr Habermas and speak again. Go back to the castle library and use the typewriter to write a note to Gabriel. Use the package on Gerde to get an address for it. Go to the village post office (beside the blue doors) and ring the bell. Click the package on the postmistress to mail it, then use your purse to pay.

Chapter 3

Back in Gabriel's pants - boo!

Pick the newspaper up from the table and read it. Examine the business card to obtain Von Glower's address. Go to Ubergrau's office and pick up the parcel from Grace. Read Grace's letter. Talk to Ubergrau about everything. Leave and go to the cuckoo shop (to the right of the subway exit). Examine the woodpecker clock on the counter, then use your wallet to buy it. Head towards the Hunt Club and you'll see a police car. Try to talk to the man in the black suit, although he will ignore you. Use the evidence report on the TV crew.

Return to the Hunt Club, where you have to talk about everything to Xavier. Pass through the door on the left, then through the door on the right side of the room into the back hall. Place the clock under the plant in the hall, then return to Xavier's desk. When he leaves to investigate the knocking, examine the desk and the drawer to pick up the keys. Run back to the hall with the plant and unlock the door on the left side. Retrieve the clock, reset it and return it to the plant. Move once more to Xavier's desk and when he again disappears return the keys.

Go to the back hall, retrieve the clock, then open the unlocked door and enter. Examine the photos on the right of the screen and then the animal heads. Find and read the little black book beside the candles. At this point Von Zell will arrive and throw you out. Talk to Von Zell, leaving the question concerning 'trophies' until last. Leave the club and take the subway to Perlach, where you'll meet Von Glower. Question Von Glower. Look at the mask on the wall then leave. Take the subway to the police station and talk to Leber. Examine the map on the wall, and then the piece of paper on the corner of the map. Use your notebook on the note to get the telephone number. Return to the farm and use the telephone number on the phone. Use the notepaper on the table to write a letter to Grace. Return to Ubergrau's office and talk about everything. Go to the post office and mail the letter to Grace. Enter the central room in the Hunt Club and talk to Preiss. Discuss as much as possible with the men at the bar until you are invited to the hunt. Talk to Von Zell and Klingmann and ask for a magazine. Use the tape recorder on the magazine to conceal it inside, then put it back.

Chapter 4

Hooray! We're back in Grace's pants. Go to the library and examine the shelves on the far left again. Go to the post office and read the letter you receive, then go next door and talk to the Smiths about everything. Enter the church and walk to the back to find the crypt. Click on Gerde twice. Return to the castle's secret passageway and take the middle exit to a garden. Pick some roses, return to the crypt in the church and 'use' the flowers on Gerde. You will now be given the car keys: use them on the car and drive to Neuschwanstein.

Enter the castle and tour every room. You must now click on everything that can be clicked on, and listen to every tape in the tour guide - make sure that you don't miss anything, especially the wolf paintings. Leave and drive to the Ludwig museum at Herrencheimsee. Talk to the woman at the counter about as much as possible. Not only must you view every object in this damned place but you must listen to Grace reading it as well to get all of the points you need; this is all extremely boring, but you must look and listen to the lot.

Return to Schloss Ritter and enter the library. Read Ludwig's biography in inventory, but be certain that you read all the pages. Use Barclay's card on the telephone on the desk to call him. Use Dallmeier's number on the telephone to call him. Now exit the house and take the car up to Starnberger See. Walk all the way left, then click on the railing. To make Dallmeier show up, ask him everything. Leave and take the car to the Wagner Museum at Bayureth. Again you must click on absolutely all you can in the museum. Before leaving talk to Georg. Return to Schloss Ritter and talk to Gerde. Go to the library and use the typewriter to write to Gabriel.

Use the Ludwig biography on the telephone to call the publisher, who will give you Chaphill's number. Use Chaphill's number on the telephone. Go to the Gasthof. Talk to the bartender, ask about the Smiths, then talk to the Smiths. Go next door and mail the letter. Go to the church and pick a flower from the nearby bushes. Drive back to Starnberger See, walk left and click on the railing to get a close-up of the water. Use the lily on the water and you'll get a scary vision...

Go back to Schloss Ritter, enter the castle and you will be told that a fax has arrived for you at the post office -go and collect it and read all the pages. Now travel over t o the Wagner Museum and use the fax on Georg.


It's an intriguing story: a young girl has been mauled by a wolf near Gabriel Knight's ancestral home in Bavaria, and Gabriel is asked to find out why. The police and general public seem to think it's the fault of two wolves who escaped from the Munich Zoo, but Gabriel and his partner Grace are led down a path of clues that suggest a more supernatural element is involved -- that's right, people, we're talking werewolves!

Along the way, Gabriel and Grace encounter more werewolf maulings and are led through a Bavarian castle with hidden passageways, the city of Munich (where you can ride the subway to different stops), mad King Ludwig's castle, and the Richard Wagner Museum, among other places. The GK2 plot incorporates history, music, art, and supernatural elements (including a tarot card reading) to create a completely compelling story in which the clues you find are as interesting as the puzzles you solve with them.


The writer for this Sierra game, Jane Jensen, created a superb storyline for GK2. Jensen intertwines historical facts with a supernatural storyline, which lends an element of realism to the plot. Much of what you will learn about King Ludwig in his museum and biography is true, however strange it may sound. Ludwig did go on mysterious midnight sleigh rides, not returning until morning. And he drowned in a lake along with his doctor (historians presume the doctor was trying to save Ludwig from committing suicide, but in GK2, this fact takes on more threatening implications). He was also a friend, admirer, and benefactor of Richard Wagner, which is why the walls of the actual Neuschwanstein Castle are covered with scenes from Wagner's opera, just as they are shown in the game. Jensen takes these facts and uses them to draw the story to a more sinister conclusion than probably the most conspiracy-prone historian ever imagined. With the help of some creepy characters, eerie music, and ominous settings, the GK2 story keeps the game player on edge right to the dramatic conclusion.

You, the gamer, spend time alternating between controlling the characters of Gabriel Knight and Grace Nakamura. When you meet another character, the game will offer conversation options for you to explore with that person. Make sure you exhaust them all -- you never know which topic will lend you a clue. Most of the varied people you'll interact with in the game are appealing, if sometimes sinister characters -- wait till you meet the busybodies Emil and Merle, a demonologist and her husband from Texas, and the intense von Glower, whom Gabriel befriends at a Munich hunting lodge.

You know when you've found a potential clue in the game because your pointer arrow turns into a dagger when it passes over an object. Unlike other adventure games, you don't have to painstakingly pore over every square inch of screen, making sure you haven't missed some small object -- most times, the clues are pretty obvious. (Exception: Chapter 4, in which you must click on every object in Ludwig's castle and museum in order to finish the chapter.) The game's difficulty comes from figuring out what to do with the clues you've found. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of GK2.

In other adventure games, the difficulty and time-consuming process of the game can come from either not being able to find a particular clue (e.g. Buried in Time), or from trying to solve game puzzles that are irrelevant to the game's storyline (e.g. 7th Guest). But in GK2, you really feel like you're playing detective; you must ask yourself questions like "How do I contact the Wagner biographer Herr Dallmeier told me about?" and "How do I get Klingmann to let me get close to the wolves in the zoo?" The answers to these questions are ones that require you to use what you've learned in the game so far and problem-solving skills -- most of the answers aren't completely random.

Another plus for GK2 -- most of the time spent playing this game is productive: every time you pick up a clue, it projects you a little further along in the storyline. Fortunately for a gamer's sanity, GK2 is not completely dependent on the gamer's finding one clue in order to move on to the next one. (I'm sure most adventure gamers have played games where they've spent more time being stuck on a particular puzzle than actually moving through the game.)

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are good, especially during the video clips that play at the beginning and end of each chapter; and the artwork in the castle is crystal-clear. The music in the game falls into two categories: either a serene classical piece, which is neither distracting nor memorable; or, when the game turned scary, some highly effective hair-raising music. And the wolf howls and snarls are plenty realistic. Unfortunately, the characters' audio conversations don't always match up with the video, despite running the game on a machine with plenty of memory, and a high-end video card and CD-ROM drive.


As far as acting, the actor who plays Gabriel is tolerable, although I decided if he ran his hands through his hair one more time after Chapter 1, I was going to have to switch allegiances and start rooting for the werewolves. The actor who plays Grace Nakamura does a fine job, although Grace's jealousy towards Gerta in Chapter 2 became annoying -- I was afraid those two were going to break out into a catfight. This petty subplot detracted from the interest of the game for me, and I could have done without any of the romantic situations they've tried to inject into GK2. (Maybe others will be more interested in it than I was.)


You'll probably need to read the documentation even if you've already played adventure games with similar interfaces. There are a couple of important skills you'll need to call on during the game, like operating the tape recorder and splicer (which you'll need to use during Chapter 1).


GK2 was the perfect level of difficulty for me; however, since it took me only 11 or 12 evenings of play to solve it (and I consider myself an intermediate gamer), hard-core gamers might think it too easy. The game's plot, video and graphics would appeal to an advanced gamer, but they might move through the game too quickly to make it worth its price. However, this would be a good (albeit challenging) game for a beginning player -- easy interface, low frustration level, and hints that, when used, won't affect the outcome or your score in the game. (Just click the "Hints" button when there's a map on the screen, and it will show you which destinations still contain tasks you need to accomplish.)

System Requirements

Windows '95, Windows 3.1 or DOS 5.0+, IBM or 100% compatible 486/33 Mhz or higher, 8 MB RAM, 2X CD-ROM drive (MPC 2 Compliant, 300K /second transfer rate)

Bottom Line

Pros: Gabriel Knight 2's storyline was the most intriguing and creative one I've seen in an adventure game; the game smoothly integrates puzzles and clues into the plot; it has a low frustration level; it would be challenging for beginning and intermediate level adventure gamers.

Cons: Advanced adventure gamers might breeze through this one a bit quickly.

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