Urban Demons

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a game by Nergal
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 4 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.6/10 - 18 votes
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Urban Demons
Urban Demons
Urban Demons

Interference of otherworldly forces in the routine of an ordinary person often leads to unexpected consequences, this convinced the protagonist of the dating sim RPG - Urban Demons. Use the power granted by demons and seduce all the ladies in the area.

The power of the succubus

Demons have always terrified ordinary people. But Peter is no ordinary man. He's a teenager going through puberty. So when a demonic voice offers him the power to seduce all the girls in the neighborhood, he simply agrees and actually uses the demonic power.

Condition for a comfortable life

The main condition of the deal with the demon is to seduce as many women as possible. For every woman molested, the little villain gains access to another world. A world underground. It is there that demons can help the young explorer master a new power that will make seduction even easier.

Underground Gift

Peter can use such infernal gifts as:

  • Invisibility - sometimes people do crazy things when they think no one can see them. Use your ability to become invisible to learn a lot about your family and neighbors
  • Persuasion - when simple words are not enough, the power of persuasion comes to the rescue. No matter what you say or what you suggest, all listeners will obediently agree.
  • The power of teleportation to another world - find more clues about your true origins in another world
  • Telekinesis - you may not be able to toss cars around yet, but a couple of manipulations with various small objects may bring you some interesting acquaintances

The underworld must not invade our world. Such a law was passed too long ago for anyone to remember. However, no one forbade ordinary people to visit the abode of demons and take lessons from them. Get pickup lessons from Peter, an ordinary boy who's been given the power of a demon. Get the attention of the female half of the town and watch hot scenes with hot women.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

The first thing that players should be warned from the game is that Urban Demons is an adult game and is rated XXX. Therefore, it is not meant for kids under the age of 18 years. The game is a PC game compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems. The game is about a tale of two souls that are lost in a form of darkness. While playing the game, you get to have control over Peter a perverted young man who through you is supposed to journey through the city to complete different sets of goals.

Urban Demons is available in different versions with the latest version 1.1 developed and released by Nergal in 2019. However, version 1.1 has received some updates which address different aspects of the game that were not appealing to the players like. For instance, there was no scene dialogue for Donna and the daily dialogue for Kaylee.

New Features For version 1.1

Urban Demon’s previous version was 1.0 Beta labelled the "End Game.” When also compared to its previous version 0.10 Beta, players could now progress to the end game hence the title end game! The underworld was fully traversable, unlike the previous version. However, after the improvements from 0.10 Beta to 1.0 Beta, the 1.1 version has still made major improvements to the game. As mentioned above, version 1.1 is the final build and has addressed major issues that people were having in 1.0 Beta including adding the scene dialogues for Donna and Kaylee.

The change log in the new version includes some new and very tasty artwork as well as an additional epilogue of sorts that does a bit of round-up for each character. Also, the new version includes some additional scenes that will interest you in the last version of the game. You get to experience the new scenes after you defeat Goap and make the final choice in the game. However, sometimes you find yourself at the end of the game and you cannot advance to the next stage unless the developers make another version. Therefore, 1.1 is the last of the Urban Demon series. Nevertheless, not to worry, with version 1.1, it is possible to replay different sections of the game without having to back to the beginning of the game. The option is possible through the hall of memories.

Game Plot and Game Play

A young boy had an accident and found himself in the hospital then took to liking all the female characters in the hospital. The female characters are older than he is. Urban Demons was remodeled after the abandoned Urban xLife, however, Urban Demons is without the branch for the senior pupil.


Playing the game fires the two main characters, one male and the other female into several locations. The near-death experiences in the role-playing game will keep you on the edge of your seat as you play the game. The new version comes with new powers which help the two characters in setting out to meet their goals of domination.


  • Better graphics compared to previous versions.


  • Smaller audience can play the game since it is meant for adults

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