Warriors: Legends of Troy

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a game by KOEI Canada, Inc.
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Warriors: Legends of Troy
Warriors: Legends of Troy
Warriors: Legends of Troy
Warriors: Legends of Troy

In the early 2010’s, publisher Tecmo Koei decided that it would take one of their most popular franchises and try to convert it in something more appealing to the western audience. What came of that was a new take on the story of the Trojan War. This is a story that had been told many times over the course of history, even in video games. But how successful would KOEI Canada be in doing so?

Wearing Your Heart on Your Blade

The legends of the Trojan War have been told for centuries. It’s an epic tale, but at its heart is a story of love. In Warriors: Legends of Troy, you’ll follow this tale closely. It starts with Paris – the Prince of Troy – as he falls in love with Helen, the supposedly most beautiful woman in the world. The problem was, Helen was married to Menelaus – King of Sparta. When Menelaus found out that his wife was leaving him for the Prince of Troy, he declared war on Troy.

As you play, you’ll see the story through the eyes of eight unique warriors, hailing from both sides of the war. This includes Paris, as well as other legendary figures such as Odysseus, Ajax, and Hector. Each one tries to tell the story through their lens, which usually involves a helluva lot of fighting.

The total story ends up lasting around 15-20 hours, which is pretty lengthy for an action game. After you’ve completed the story, you’ll unlock some new challenge modes that offer chances to test your skills. For instance, you’ll unlock a challenge that sets you up against a never-ending wave of enemies and you must see how many you can kill before getting hit.

Dynasty Warriors of Troy

If we’re being honest, Warriors of Troy is a lot like Tecmo Koei’s hit franchise Dynasty Warriors. Your goal is to battle from point A to B while hacking and slashing any enemy troops along the way.

Combat is broken down into a few various attacks, along with combos you can learn along the way. You have your fast, focused, and stun attacks. Each one has its uses, but I found myself spamming the fast attack quite a bit. Although I was playing on normal difficulty, so that strategy might not be possible on harder difficulties. There is also Fury mode, which is activated when the bar is full. This will slow down time and increase the damage your warrior does. Occasionally you’ll come across a boss fight, and this is where the game’s difficulty is increased. These bosses require precise timing and mechanics, meaning there is little room for error. When you finally defeat one after many attempts learning the boss’s pattern, it feels almost as good as beating a boss in Dark Souls.

Items are found while exploring the world, defeating enemies, and completing side missions located in distant parts of the levels. In between levels, you’ll be able to customize all eight of the warriors. Items add to your stats (health, fury, and the different attacks) and add abilities in some cases as well. A couple examples of this would be increasing damage done with enemy weapons picked up off the ground and having the ability to block from all angles. However, you won’t be able to equip everything you unlock. You’ll have to use a grid-style system where you can only fit a certain number of items. Luckily, you can still easily copy your grids to use with your other warriors.

Meet Me on the Beaches of Troy

The graphics and presentation of Legends of Troy can be considered average at best. Launching five years after the release of the PS3, you would have thought the graphics would be better than they were. God of War on the PS3 puts this game to shame, but then again, Dynasty Warrior games were never known for having incredible graphics. However, Tecmo Koei usually does a great job with presentation. You’ll be guided through the story by cutscenes that occur in between missions, giving you a good idea of where you are in the tale. Along with the cutscenes are a narrated slideshow of ancient Greek paintings. All of this keeps you enthralled in the story just enough to get back out there on the battlefield.


As a fan of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, I can see what Tecmo Koei was attempting to do. Warriors: Legends of Troy is basically a bloodier Warriors game based around an era that western audiences could understand. I enjoyed my time with it, but some may not find the sometimes-mindless hack-n-slash gameplay exciting enough. Whether you like the gameplay or just the story of the Trojan War itself, Warriors: Legends of Troy should keep you entertained throughout.


  • Great presentation of an often-told tale
  • Play with eight unique warriors
  • Combat is easy to learn and most of all – fun
  • Item system is easy to manage


  • Gameplay can get a bit repetitive as the objectives are usually just kill a group of enemies
  • Graphics aren’t up to par with a game released in 2011

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