Transformers: Devastation

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a game by Platinum Games
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3 (2015)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.5/10 - 4 votes
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Transformers: Devastation
Transformers: Devastation
Transformers: Devastation
Transformers: Devastation

If you like your action games to be fast-paced and filled with action, you might wish to take a look at Transformers: Devastation. This 2015 release by PlatinumGames was well-received at the time, and was well-liked among transformers fans. By sticking to a more bombastic design scheme that felt more like the original Transformers compared to the movies, you get to enjoy something a whole lot more interesting than you might have first expected.

An interesting take on an awesome IP

Transformers is a massive series, with all manner of content and a host of video games made over the years. Action-based hack and slash titles work best, and Devastation done what it could to stay in line with that simple buy effective theme. If you have ever played other PlatinumGames titles, such as Bayonetta, then you will be fully aware of what to expect. You can play as a range of the Autobots, and you fight off against the various Decepticons and Insecticons who are fighting against you. Gameplay is about combinations, counter attacks, blocking and dodging the attacks of your foes. It’s a simple enough game to play, with a story mode and various other modes including the Challenge Mode.

A fun hack-and-slash held back by minor repetition (8/10)

If your main aim when playing a Transformers game is to feel that power rush, then you will absolutely love Devastation. The fighting is fast-paced and thrilling, while the graphical design ensures that it matches up with the nostalgic love that most associate with the 90s Transformers. It’s a great game for those who like to play as the Autobots and who like to have a bit of control over the battles.

Other Transformers games tend to leave you feeling quite clunky; this leaves you feeling like you are really in control of a Transformer. The biggest problem, though, stems from a repetitive gameplay loop and the games extremely short length. Compared to the level of detail that could have gone into the game, you might find that the fun comes to an end a shade too quickly.

The high-octane energy and the action pairs up well with the games desire to promote a nostalgic glance at the series as a whole. For those who grew up watching the series, the bombastic action, comical lines from the Transformers and bashful colour schemes should immediately resonate.

However, a lack of length and the repetitive nature of the gameplay despite the obvious differences from character to character can make playing this for a prolonged period feel like a bit of a drag. It’s a fun game, and genuinely matched up with the first generation of Transformers very well.


If you don’t mind the minor repetition and the short length, though, Transformers: Devastation offers a very fun game.


  • Excellent attention to detail on the character and colour schemes
  • Design matches the 90s Transformers cartoon, invoking nostalgia
  • Fun and engaging story that provide an enjoyable journey (though short)


  • Lacks the length that it arguably should provide
  • Repetition in the combat can become a minor irritant

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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