Batman: Return of the Joker Cheats

NES Cheats

Passwords for levels

Level 1-2: Password is MDRR; Level 2-1: Password is NMLL; Level 2-2: Password is NWKL;Level 3-1: Password is LGZQ; Level 3-2: Password is GPTW; Level 4-1: Password is GNXF; Level 4-2: Password is KHCN; Level 5-1: Password is QGVN; Level 5-2: Password is WBZT; Level 6-1: Password is FFHG; Level 6-2: Password is CKQG; Level 7-1: Password is GPZT.

Awesome Genie Codes

  • Manufacturer: Sunsoft
  • Machine: Nintendo

If you have a Game Genie unit, you will have a lot of fun with these codes! You can pick three separate codes and combine them to make one awesome password!

Enter the codes as follows:

  1. GVXILGZA - Start with 100 lives.
  2. SZXSZSVK - Infinite lives.
  3. GEOSPKVN - Start with 7 backpack energy capsules.