Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest Cheats

NES Cheats


Thorn Whip, Holy Water- Password is OFIC M5YX XD4C Q3AA; Dracula's Rib, Chain Whip, Blue Crystal- Password is OFIT M5QX 1P5S QBQA; Prev + Dracula's Heart- Password is SZMH QXE1 5PXW UESE; Prev + Dracula's Nail, Flame Whip, Red Crystal- Password is TIRH DYDZ 4O5V 81B1; Prev + Ring and Cross- Password is MLIE WUCW VNKU SCBC; All items- Password is PSPR VRBV U2DT RFIZ; Dracula- Password is RIG7 NVFX E45V 07BT; Dracula, in under 5:12:00- Password is EXKM WSUW 532U UWBG; Dracula (second ending)- Password is OYZY UQAU R12S SMIA; Dracula (third ending)- Password is C1DF O26D L1KN SWJK.

Different Endings

Castlevania II has three different endings depending on how long it takes you to finish the game. Use these codes and destroy Dracula to see the other endings!

  • Second Ending: CTMV W26K; R5KN SIBK
  • Third Ending: C1DF 026D; L1KN SWJK