First Samurai Cheats

SNES Cheats

Level select

Press Select to enter the options screen from the title screen. Hold L + R + X + A and press one of the following buttons before the doors close: Level 1-2: Press Right; Level 2-2: Press Left; Level 2-1: Press Down; Level 3-1: Press Up.

If this game seems to get a little too difficult for you, this level select should help you go beyond the stages that you are having trouble with. Go to the Options Screen and press and hold these buttons simultaneously: L button, R button, X and A. The two doors will start to shut. Before they close, make sure you are still holding the previous buttons and press one of these directions for access to different stages: RIGHT : Stage 1-2, DOWN: Stage 2-2, LEFT: Stage 2-2, and UP: Stage 3-1. You will be able to begin in the stage of your choice with this rather complex trick.