Magic Boy Cheats

SNES Cheats

Wet World 1

Password is LKLK LKLK.

Future Zone 1

Password is FTBC FTBC.

Wet World 2

Password is SQTH SQTH.

Future Zone 2

Password is JLNM RQDB.

Pastic Zone 1

Password is GGGG HHHH.

Sand Land 2

Password is JLKD JLKD.

Plastic Zone 2

Password is RPBC CBPR.

Password Codes

  • Manufacturer: JVC
  • Machine: Super NES

At the Options Screen, choose the "Use Password" Option and enter your code for any level on the Password Screen.

Here are some great passwords for this game. Enter them at screen as shown to the right:

  1. Wet World 1: LKLK LKLK
  2. Plastic Place 1: GGGG HHHH
  3. Future Zone 1: FTBC FTBC
  4. Sand Land 2: JLKD JLKD
  5. Wet World 2: SQTH SQTH
  6. Plastic Place 2: RPBC CBPR
  7. Future Zone 2: JLNM RQDB