Rush'n Attack Cheats

NES Cheats

Run in midair

Press B while standing, then press Up while the knife is pulled out.

Super Glitch

This trick won't improve your score and award 30 free men, but it interesting and fun to watch.

To perform the trick, you must first acquire the bazooka weapon. Secondly, you must proceed to an area with a ladder.

Now here's where some skill and timing is helpful. As you approach the ladder, shoot your bazooka in the air while simultaneously jumping so that you land on the ladder (you should land on the ladder in an upright position). After doing this you should move slowly up and down the ladder, avoiding enemy soldiers, until the man is in the bazooka-firing position.

Keep moving up and down until the character begins to change shape. The hero's head will turn into a large rectangular mess. Then it will ton into a small explosion, big explosion, and finally a pile of numbers. You must have two shots left in the bazooka for this trick to work.