Snow Bros. Cheats

Genesis Cheats

Map Select

  • Manufacturer: Capcom
  • Machine: GameBoy

Now, in the game Snow Bros. Jr. for GameBoy, there is a way to get a map select screen in which you may choose your starting level. At the title screen, hold UP, SELECT, B and press START.

NES Cheats

Unlimited lives

Enter SXNEUYVI as a password.

Game Genie Codes

  • Manufacturer: Capcom
  • Machine: Nintendo

These are codes that work only if you have a Game Genie unit. For a variety ranging from increased lives to infinite super abilities, enter these codes.


  1. SXNEUYVI - Infinite chances
  2. PAXXPLZE -10 chances
  3. AAXXPLZA - 1 chance
  4. PAEEYAAA - Speed skates (Note: This next set of codes cannot be combined. Use the code in red for all three super power-ups.)
  5. ZAEEYAAA - Power shots
  6. GAEEYAAA - Super throw
  7. YAEEYAAE - All power-ups