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After Egypt- Password is CEOC KCOC OCMC; China- Password is HLDJ PIGH GHCH; Return to Kazakh- Password is HLDJ DIGH GHGH; Australia- Password is BJAP PEAN ANOB; Red Dragon- Password is DMCC BGCP CPOD.

Passcode, Weapon and End Boss Tips


It is easier to kill enemies with the plasma arrow. In order to get it, transfer to Japan (when you get to that level). Go down the tube and move to the left. Kill the enemies flying above. Keep moving left. There is a man who fixes your cipher with the plasma arrow.


To get to the Red Dragon (last stage) enter the following code:


Defeat End Boss:

To eliminate FanBlade, you must wait until he jumps up, then go under him with your cipher pointing upward and jump. He will transform into a whirlwind. Don't get hit by the whirl! Continue this technique until he is destroyed!