Willow Cheats

NES Cheats

Full inventory

Enter 8zs L4B W4K fyM 6JW 5Kq as a password.

Location select

Enter oBH jq2 xgI 5ve iNw g5f as a password. The game will start at level 16, near Nockmaar. Press Select to display numbers in two white blocks. Hold B and press Up or Down to select the first number. Hold A and press Up or Down to select the second number. Press Select after both numbers are entered to jump to a new location.

Gates of Nockmaar- Coordinates are 0, 18; Tavern of the Travelers- Coordinates are A, 9; Tir Asleen- Coordinates are F, 19; Dew- Coordinates are 13, F; Newlyn- Coordinates are 1A, E; Po's house- Coordinates are 13, 3; Twins Tower- Coordinates are 8, 3; Thunder Cabin- Coordinates are C, 10; Abang's room- Coordinates are 18, 1B; Bavmorda's guard- Coordinates are 0, 13; Bavmorda- Coordinates are 11, 1B.


Start game at experience level 16- Password is yjs L4B vHg 2Ui JIX 4fm; Start game with all items- Password is 8zs L4B W4K fyM 6JW 5Kq; Experience level 9- Password is e7u 7M8 ?42 1Iy YBe urk; Experience level 11- Password is ftT ZAs zAf eXh JQr 6H3; Experience level 13- Password is Xg8 QTT opf KUh JQD kQK; Experience level 14- Password is 05P j84 78p VLm QJW 5JN; Experience level 16- Password is 6oF nJJ r7N itL 5I1 R!v; The Castle hG!- Password is aYY evV zgx gX1 CFN.



FoM yCC S1G bm3 d B 7 Yu?

You'll still have to fight valiantly to complete the game, but the password will help.