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Fight for money, spend your money on power-ups, restore your health or increase your strength.
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Sega Genesis

Jerry Glanville's Pigskin Footbrawl

Jerry Glanville's Pigskin Footbrawl is a Football game, developed by Developer Resources and published by Razorsoft, which was released in 1990.
Sega Genesis


The gameplay combines pseudo-3d driving in the graphical style of Outrun with side-scrolling action as the player controls a police officer driving to and then moved through various seedy locations in a one-man war against crime.
Sega Genesis

Death Duel

The basic action in Death Duel is somewhat similar to that of most 16-bit, first-person shooters. You guide a gun sight around the play field, firing your assortment of weapons.
Sega Genesis


Badh the queen has imposed a terrible vengeance on the land by kidnapping the fairies. To restore things their rightful way, you must rescue them.
Sega Genesis

Slaughter Sport

Slaughter Sport is a 2D Fighting game, developed by Activision and published by Razorsoft, which was released in 1991.
Sega Genesis